The EduStudy Graduate Diploma in Business Management (GDipBM) forms part of the EduStudy Graduate Step-up Programme which leads to a Graduate Diploma in Business Management (GDipBM) which again is credit-bearing towards a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA-Degree)  and  Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  The EduStudy Diploma in Business Management (Level 6 QCF-aligned curriculum) consist of  selected Certificate Courses (modules).

EBM0101 - The Concept of Business Management

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The primary task of business management is to …

  • a) provide solutions for the management problems experienced in business enterprises
  • b) study the economic needs that have to be satisfied in the community
  • c) examine the factors in the macro-environment that influence the activities in the micro-environment
  • d) determine how an enterprise can achieve the highest possible output with the least possible input

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