The Client's World

Welcome to the Client's World


Why "The Client's World?"

In this course, you will meet the key stakeholders at the client.

  • ​​You will learn what clients do in their role.
  • You will learn what is most important to clients.
  • And you will learn how to be more effective in your client conversations.

Learning Objectives

Purpose:  To provide insight on...

  • Who are the key stakeholders at your Manufacturer client.
  • What these stakeholders do and how they contribute to company objectives.
  • What Nielsen information is important to them.

Outcomes:  You will be able to...

  • Understand what clients do in their role to help you engage with what matters to them.
  • Appreciate the breadth of your clients' roles.
  • Understand who are key influencers.
  • Know your client’s perspective and how Nielsen solutions can help your client.

Knowing your Clients is Important

To deliver great solutions and client service to our clients, we need to understand what individuals at our client need to do to deliver their business objectives and how they like to work to achieve these.



Meet Your Team

Good Morning

Start your first morning by reading your email.

Meet your Manager: Thomas Jackson

Hello. To help you understand your new client, I have set up introduction meetings with a number of the key people you will be working with at GP. These meetings will help you:

  • Understand their role.
  • Learn what is important to them.
  • Realize how Nielsen can help Nutri-Tea's performance.

Meet your Coach: Lucy

I'm Lucy. I'm here to provide you with key information on how you, as an associate at Nielsen, can help your client.

Tips to keep in mind...

  • Each person has annual business objectives to meet.
  • Their objectives are part of company strategy and are aligned with sales and growth targets.
  • Helping our clients meet business objectives will help build a strong relationship.
  • Good client service is not just being responsive: It is guiding the client to the right action at the right time, in the most effective and efficient way.
  • Success is growing your client's business.

Meet the Client

Your First Day

It’s your first day at the GP offices – Welcome!

To help you find the people you plan to meet, here is a department floorplan. Each department plays an important role getting Nutri-Tea to market. They drive the success of the Nutri-Tea brand and other GP products. These departments are focused on reaching revenue goals for the company. 
It is important that you understand what they do, and how Nielsen can help them achieve their growth targets. Let’s take some time to get to know someone from each of the key departments: 

CEO - Country Category Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I am Juliana Souza, the Beverages Country Chief Executive Officer (Some companies may operate regionally or globally or have category specific CEOs) for Global Products. I work with other local category CEOs at GP to form an operating board, reporting to the Group CEO. I gather you’d like to hear a little more about what I do. My key responsibilities are:

  • I’m responsible for company profitability. It’s my goal to achieve company annual sales and growth objectives. Each department has their own objectives but it’s my job to make sure they are all met.
  • I report to the global president and shareholders and I implement global and regional strategies, as well as develop local tactics. I face a lot of pressure to deliver the planned and agreed targets.
  • My role incorporates all key departments: Marketing, Research & Development, Sales, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources/Organizational Development. I rely on these groups to follow through with the local strategy for Nutri-Tea.
  • I have the broadest view of the Nutri-Tea initiative, and will be making decisions based on multiple considerations.

How is Nielsen Important to CEOs?

CEOs have many applications for Nielsen.

  • The CEO can be the contract holder for Nielsen therefore, the key decision maker.
  • The CEO relies on you and the board to provide broad insights on the strategy and to advise on future business strategies.
  • An impartial viewpoint is appreciated, but don't expect the CEO to act on every recommendation.

  • While the CEO may have an open door policy, Nielsen must earn the right to engage regularly.

Nielsen must:

  • Understand ‘must win battles’ and the key measures of success.  If you report on these measures regularly, it will improve your credibility and could provide access to the board meetings /c-suite meetings. 
  • Assess both internal and competitor product sets to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Help brand managers identify growth opportunities whether new flavors, new sizes or new sales outlets.
  • Provide accurate data.  The CEO will drill into details on occasion but generally, will expect their team to focus on details.

Brand Management & Marketing

Hello, I am Suzi Chan and I work across Brand Management and Marketing. It’s all about the brand for me. I’ve worked on Nutri-Tea since launch; consumers wanted a nutritious, healthy beverage and Nutri-Tea was the answer. I’m always looking for innovative solutions to market to our consumers. I am really excited to tell you more about what I do and how that relates to Nutri-Tea. 
My key responsibilities are:

  • I get all the exciting jobs. I am the Primary owner of the marketing plan, brand strategy and financials for Nutri-Tea. I get to be really creative with Nutri-Tea and that’s the part of my job that I love.
  • Nutri-Tea is my baby – I feel ownership for the initiative having worked on the brand since concept. I am responsible for the quality of the concept, product, and marketing plan. It’s really important to me that Nutri-Tea is successful. I am passionate about the sales performance and that it is best in category. I understand what provides the best return for the retailer but will not risk brand equity due to volume driving price promotions.
  • I receive execution help from the organization –  Sales (I provide sales team with brand supporting tools i.e. catalogs, demos, freebies, training to explain products characteristics and USPs), Category Management, Finance, Market Research (Market Research/Consumer Insights will work with me to help me understand who consumes Nutri-Tea, where and how they shop. I need to reach the valuable consumers and build loyalty for the brand) and Customer/Trade Marketing (I also work with Customer/Trade Marketing to define which in-store activities the brand participates in).
  • I supported Nutri-Tea’s brand launch by managing product advertising and promotions. I developed the Nutri-Tea promotion campaign which incorporated vehicles such as: Social Media, Blogs, Television, Print (Magazines, Newspapers), Internet and coupons.
           - I collaborate with media agencies and vendors on promotion campaign.
           - I manage Nutri-Tea’s advertising contracts with various vendors.

How is Nielsen Important to the Brand Team?

The Brand Team works on projects and campaigns but it can be expensive for Global Products. Nielsen data can help get more budget. If Nielsen builds the right story for Nutri-Tea using data, the Brand team can gain more funding for marketing activities.

The Brand Team develops all new products. They need Nielsen's Innovation Practice to support the launch and ensure they develop the right concepts to attract the right consumers.

They also use Nielsen to:

  • Anticipate market trends by understanding what consumers do and want, and by monitoring competitive activities.
  • Understand consumers and their shopping patterns.
  • To a price positioning strategy relative to the category i.e. Premium vs. Everyday vs. Value. Exact Recommended Point strategies are owned by category management and finance.
  • Determine the success of brands like Nutri-Tea.


Hi, I am Ernest Wu and I am the Finance Manager at GP Products. I only have 15 minutes available until my next call with global finance. They need the latest local forecasting numbers for Nutri-Tea, so let me give you a quick view of my role.

  • I am accountable for annual business plans, financial modelling, reporting and budgeting.
  • I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of GP's country financial reporting. I link Nutri-Tea’s financial results to operations and use these drivers to influence key decision makers like the CEO, Juliana Souza.
  • It’s my job to evaluate the financial impact of promotions for Nutri-Tea. For example, I assess how much revenue was created by the recent brand activity and its impact on share movement. In fact with promotional activities, I know how much each one costs, whether the activity will incur an initial loss, what price point reduction works well and where - although I am looking for guidance on what our optimal price levels would be.
  • I partner with other business functions to build the annual strategic plan, ensuring the business works in a financially sustainable way.
  • You'll find me discussing profitability strategies for Nutri-Tea. I lead initiatives to increase profitability and efficiency.

How is Nielsen Important to Finance?

  • Finance values detail from Nielsen. Because Finance works with internal client numbers, you will want to be prepared for questions over data differences.
  • They need to understand brand performance, how to improve profit and loss (Clients can also refer to this as P&L), price recommendations etc. These are used to build brand scenarios to obtain optimum performance.
  • Finance is typically the most cautious group, reigning in the enthusiasm of the brand marketing team. They expect to see financial rationale for the brand strategy and expect Nielsen to provide sales projections and strategy recommendations.

Checkpoint Question

  • CEO
  • Brand Management & Marketing
  • Finance

You are leaving the meeting with Ernest from Finance and on the way back to your desk, you bump into someone who asks... 

Aren't you our new Nielsen colleage? 
I have a question. With the new Superfood flavors of Nutri-Tea we are targeting younger consumers, those in their teens and early twenties. 
Do you think this is a good strategy?
Of the departments you have met, which would you expect to ask this question?


Hello! I am Todd Jacobs. I work on the Nutri-Tea Sales team. Thanks for dropping by. I believe you spoke to the brand marketing team and they told you a lot about Nutri-Tea. It’s my job to ensure Nutri-Tea is on as many shelves and in as many retailers as possible. I use the term ‘customer’ when I talk about the retailer. It’s my job to make sure the customer is always happy. Let me tell you more.

  • I am responsible for building Nutri-Tea’s business with the customer. This means I need to understand Retailer preferred types of promotions and type of fixtures available. I adopt different tactics for different customers. Some retailers only do reduced price promotions whereas others like multi-buy activity. It's my job to adapt to their style.
  • Some of the Nutri-Tea Sales team are responsible for the relationship we have with several retailers whilst other focus on just one retailer, often the bigger accounts.
  • It’s my job to ensure that customer and shopper needs are met, and the category is developed profitably for all stakeholders by providing Nutri-Tea wherever, whenever and however the shopper wants it.
  • Day to day, I develop trade arguments for planning promotions and negotiating the recommended retailer pricing (also referred to as RRP).
  • I find myself often fighting for a larger trade investment.
  • I work closely with Category Management and the 

    Demand Planning team

      (Demand Planners, sometimes known as supply chain, ensure that demand is met by supply. You will find them preparing forecasts to make sure enough Nutri-Tea gets to the right outlets).
  • I ensure Nutri-Tea is highly visible which comes with a lot of pressure.
           - I am the commercial face of GP to the retailer.
          - I am responsible for sales targets. If you can help me improve sales for Nutri-Tea, I will be happy.
          - There is an internal pressure from Senior management on profitability.

How is Nielsen Important to Sales?

  • Sales needs facts and like retailer-specific detail. Give them key facts to share with the customer. They are always negotiating trade terms and investment with customers so category, channel and retailer information (Sales will call all times of the day if they need a number. You should always know your information well and have the latest performance scores) is key.
  • Be simple and direct with analysis; less methodology and succinct recommendations required.
  • Help find the right shoppers and meet their needs. Don’t confuse shoppers with consumers. Sales must target those that will make the purchase.
  • Be aware of country regulations (e.g. In the UK, it is illegal for the manufacturer sales team to discuss the RSP, Retail selling price, with the retailer) for negotiations with retailers when working with the Sales team.
  • Make brand recommendations (when making recommendations, acknowledge potential difficulties and identify Win/Win situations. There may be a good reason why Nutri-Tea has 80% distribution in certain accounts – know why. Don’t assume we always want 100%) by retailer or if not by channel.
  • Some retailers are more difficult to build relationships with than others so you must provide good information to build sales credentials.

Category Management

Hi and welcome to GP! I am Stefan Weiss and I work on Nutri-Tea in Category Management. Category Management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them on a store by store basis to satisfy customer needs.
I am responsible for running the Specialty Tea category like a mini-business, aligning the strategies of our Business with those of our key customers or retailers. These are my responsibilities:

  • I define the role of the Speciality Tea category within the retailer – I am aligned to a specific retailer or group of retailers and they are my key focus. I also assess the current performance of Speciality Tea, not just within my retailers, but also within the wider market, identifying opportunities and gaps.
  • I set category objectives and targets, ensuring we entice shoppers to the category within the retailer. This means I must be unbiased with the retailer and I sometimes attend retailer meetings that sales would not be invited to.
  • I devise an overall strategy including specific tactics, the category vision, which we use to leverage results with the retailer, steering their thinking and strategy.The category vision is created and owned by the Category Team and is driven by shopper & consumer Insights and macro trends. I ensure the tactics are implemented, then it’s my responsibility to review and evaluate them.
  • I collaborate with Todd in Sales to manage turnover, profitability targets and in-store execution/planograms – in reality, I work just as closely with our Sales Team as I do the customer.
  • My role can also be an internal bridge between Marketing/Brands/Consumer Insight and the SalesTeam – I speak all languages!

How is Nielsen Important to Category Management?

  • Category Management is a big user of Nielsen information. Actually, the category team is the biggest user of Continuous Data and owns many reports and trackers. Category Management can take up a lot of Nielsen’s time, but will also be the most grateful for support, particularly in projects which gain traction with their customers.
  • They are concerned about specific retailer stories to increase product distribution, shelf space, assortment, new products, the overall category strategy and how Nutri-Tea fits in the overall strategy.
  • They are heavy software users utilizing Space Management programs, Nielsen RMS and Homescan data, and Retailer-specific information. They often have space managers reporting to them and, in turn, they have a close relationship with the retailer’s space and ranging team.

Market Research

Oh hello, come on in. I am Claire Phillips, the Head of Market Research. We will be seeing a lot of each other during your time on the GP account. Our relationship with Nielsen is one of collaboration. 
I hear you’ve already met with Sales and Marketing. They create demand for Nutri-Tea and ensure our product is available for consumers, and it is my role to measure performance. Let me tell you about my key responsibilities.

  • I work with GP business leaders to deliver the right insights to make decisions which drive country business growth.
  • My team collects and analyzes data concerning consumer preferences and buying habits related to Nutri-Tea. To gather the data, we use many quantitative and qualitative methods such as:
    Conducting in person and online surveys, interviewing, focus groups and continuous research. Once data is collected, we use statistics to analyze and classify the results, then make recommendations to the business based on the findings.
  • Nielsen information is only a small percentage of the research we gather. Ok, you may be our continuous source of information but we have lots of research at our fingertips.
  • We represent the voice of the consumer across the business.
  • We can influence the Brand Management and Senior Leadership teams by providing an objective opinion on where to take the Nutri-Tea brand next (they can open doors for Nielsen by extending invitations to board meetings and getting Nielsen information in front of Juliana Souza and the board. However, they can also be gatekeepers, making it difficult to get to the people that matter).

How is Nielsen Important to Market Research?

  • They are a key stakeholder for the Nielsen contract, viewing the Nielsen team as partners providing critical information and recommendations regarding the business.
  • Market Research will provide Nielsen with a research brief when initiating new projects. They may send out briefs to a number of different agencies. Once a project is completed, Market Research work closely with Nielsen to integrate the recommendations in to the business.
  • Research can have challenges getting the right information (Information is needed quickly to make a timely decisions) to Nielsen. Make yourself available to attend briefing sessions and ask the right questions. Where possible, your on-site presence is preferred.
  • All data must be accurate. Any anomalies need to be communicated early.
  • They need to receive monthly brand performance reports (Sales, Volume, Price and Consumer Measures reports) to distribute to Global Products departments. They love the detail, but will question any discrepencies.

Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle

Read through the steps to understand the part each department plays in Nutri-Tea's performance.


Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle - Pre-Launch Phase

Before Nutri-Tea entered the UK market it was already making GP a profit in select countries across Europe.


  Pre-Launch Responsibilities
CEO Juliana Souza, the CEO will set up a local team to research the possibility of launching Nutri-Tea in the UK.
Research The Research Team, lead by Claire Phillips, will evaluate consumer demand for the product.
Finance Ernest Wu from Finance is responsible for forecasting sales scenarios.
Marketing Suzi Chan and the Marketing Team will introduce the marketing plan to shape Nutri-Tea's UK launch.

Did you know Nielsen worked closely with GP at this stage?

The Consumerization team helped GP determine unmet needs of UK tea consumers, utilizing this to identify their most valuable consumers in the UK market. This enabled GP to focus their innovation on capturing these consumers. 
The Innovation team used the insight from Consumerization, guiding GP to develop a great concept and product, optimizing it via rigorous testing against BASES Factors of Success.

Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle - Introduction Phase

Nutri-Tea was launched into the UK market with a combined effort from all departments.


  Introduction Responsibilities
Marketing Marketing produced a thorough plan to raise initial awareness for the new brand. They worked closely with Sales and Category Management to secure shelf space at the top retailers, big and small. Sales promotions were used to generate interest from consumers.
Finance Finance made price decisions to ensure profitability.
Research Claire and the Research Team monitored trial and repeat rates to provide reporting to Juliana Souza (CEO) and the board, ensuring first year Nutri-Tea success.


Nielsen Practices helped.

The Innovation team analyzed Nutri-Tea’s proposed marketing plan and explored opportunities to increase its effectiveness. This ensured that Nutri-Tea launched with the optimum plan, maximizing the likelihood of achieving volume forecasts and other success measures in-market. 
Marketing Effectiveness ensured media spend supporting the launch was allocated across media vehicles to reach the target audience efficiently and effectively. Prior to launch, they fined-tuned messaging ensuring the advertising was communicated to consumers in an engaging an impactful way.
The Sales Effectiveness team worked closely with Innovation upon launch to track critical success measures such as sales, distribution, rate of sale, and consumer trial and repeat to adjust execution plans as required.

Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle - Growth Phase

Nutri-Tea is in its second year. Sales are buoyant and GP is aware the market could change at any time. Many products fail in their second year. Gaining market share is critical and Nutri-Tea would like to steal competitive share to purchase Nutri-tea.


  Growth Responsibilities
Sales Todd Jacobs and the Sales Team will introduce promotions in certain retailers to encourage shoppers
Category Management Working with Sales, Category Management, led by Stephen Weiss, will continue to work on expanding distribution and listings.
Marketing Sizu Chan and the Brand Marketing Team will work with the Advertising Team to generate awareness and build messages for Nutri-Tea focused on health and convenience.
Research Research will consider the ways the brand could evolve and improve to keep interest alive.


How does Nielsen support the product Growth phase?

The Sales Effectiveness team plays a lead role in helping GP establish solid shelf presence in-store, ensuring they are maximizing opportunities to acquire shoppers and drive tips via strong Shopper Marketing.
The Marketing Effectiveness team use their digital expertise to guide GP developing an effective online campaign to support existing TV spend.

Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle - Maturity Phase

When Nutri-Tea reaches maturity GP would like to make as much profit as possible. Expect some friction between sales, marketing and finance to adopt the right strategy.


  Maturity Responsibilities
CEO Profitability is one of the CEO's primary objectives.
Brand The brand will be well established so the Brand Team will need to consider line extensions to prolong  the success of the brand.
Sales Todd Jacobs and the Sales Team will need to create sales promotions to support the brand rather than diminish brand equity.


Nielsen Practices help.

The Innovation team helps Nutri-Tea identify current range gaps with innovation opportunities, providing insight into which product attributes matter most to consumers.
The Sales Effectiveness team can help Nutri-Tea optimize their price and trade promotions and use their integrated end-to-end Revenue Management Optimization approach to help Nutri Tea drive sales profitably.

Nutri-Tea Product Life Cycle - Decline Phase

As long as the Speciality Tea market is growing, Nutri-Tea has the opportunity to grow. However, if the market becomes saturated GP will need to consider cost reduction strategies.


  Decline Responsibilities
Finance Finance will be closely monitoring the P&L numbers.
Category Management Category Management will make decisions to rationalize the range.
Research Research and Category Management will work together to assess rabging arguments - which elements of the range work and which don't.
Brand Research and Sales may need to make decisions to rationalize the range. Research will need to cut back on advertising to reduce costs.
Sales The Sales team may determine Nutri-Tea should remain in select retailers.


How are Nielsen Practices involved with the Decline stage?

The Sales Effectiveness team helps determine which items deliver incremental sales to Nutri-Tea range and the category, enabling smart assortment management.
Marketing Effectiveness can bring a big picture perspective to marketing spend, and help ensure that future investments are allocated to marketing activities that maximize sales – helping drive more from less.
The Consumerization team will work with GP to help them identify new sources of growth – the start of a whole new story!

Review: Who would you hear this from?

It's important to be prepared for your clients. Different questions are typical from different departments.Match the function names with the quote you would expect to hear from that function
  • Sales
    "Which Retailer sold the most cases?"
  • CEO
    "Are our brands meeting corporate goals?"
  • Category Management
    "What is the optimal shelf placement for our new initiative?"
  • Brand Management & Marketing
    "Which consumers should we target?"
  • Market Research
    "Are the findings from our focus groups backed up by what we see happening in our sales data?"
  • Finance
    "Did the September promotion meet our ROI expectations?"

The Client's World Summary


The Client's World introduces you to the different departments at manufacturer clients. During this course you should have learned:

  • What's in the heart and mind of different functions at manufacturer clients.
  • How Nielsen is important to each function at manufacturer clients.
  • The focus of each client function and questions that would typically be expected from manufacturer client departments.

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