How to attach a check list to an Equipment PM Maintanance

Step 1

STEP1 – Login SAP. In The ‘Command Field’ Type Transaction Code ‘IA08’ and press enter.

Step 2

STEP2 – On The Next Screen, select The ‘Equipment Task List’ and ‘General Task List’ Boxes, Then Click The Equipment ’Multiple Selection’ Box. This Will Take You To The Next Screen.

Step 3

STEP3 – On The Next Screen Paste Your List Of Equipment For Which You Have To Attach Check Lists. After Pasting Click the ‘Copy’ Icon. This Will Take You To The Previous Screen.

Step 4

STEP4 – On This Screen Click The ‘Execute’ Icon. The List Of Task Lists Will Be Displayed On The Next Screen

Step 5

STEP5 – List Of Task Lists Will, Will Be Indicated Be Displayed. Note That the task list column By The Letter ‘A’ for General Task Lists’ And By The Letter ‘E’ For Equipment Basic Task Lists

Step 6

STEP6 – Double Click on The ‘Group’ Number And This Will Open The Task List Operation/S

Step 7

STEP7 – Select The Operation, (By Clicking The Left Hand Horizontal Bar) To Which You Have To Attach The Checklist And Then Click ‘Long Text ‘ Icon

Step 8

STEP8 - On the next screen move the cursor to below the Title, copy or type in the checklist. Please not that only note pad format can be accepted in SAP, no solid line and picture.

Step 9

STEP9 - After Typing Or Pasting The Checklist Click The 'Back' Icon' This Will Take Back To The Task List Operation Screen