Forevermark and Diamonds International

This module will help you know how to use the information shared on the Forevermark E-learning platform in the Diamonds International environment.

What does your store need to prepared for a Forevermark Sale?

Know about Forevermark

Share information with your team

Your first step in practicing your Forevermark sales conversations can start with your team.  By working with your team, you can help everyone feel more confident in their Forevermark presentations as well as create a consistent pool of information for the guest. When all the information and facts are consistent, the guest has more trust in the sales team and their Forevermark Purchase

Stay Informed!

There is no end of knowledge when you are learning about a brand! There are always new changes to styles, Red Carpet appearances and brand initiatives so use the many resources available to keep up on the news!

  • Follow Forevermark on social media such as Instagram 
  • Check for press releases and Red Carpet 
  • Participate in training with brand representatives whenever they are available

Know specific information about the Forevermark merchandise in your location.

It's a lot easier to sell something when you are confident in the information about it. By spending time learning about the specific pieces in your store, it will be faster and easier to recommend and locate the perfect piece for your guest. 

Key things to know about your products!

  • Diamond information such as 4 C's
  • Metal information 
  • What paperwork comes with it
  • Information about the style's features and benefits so you can use the guest's lifestyle to recommend it 
  • Price point

Sell the diamond, not the discount!

Knowing your range to discount the diamond is helpful when finding the right pieces and price point for the guest. You have up to 23% to discount the Forevermark diamond in order to keep our Forevermark diamonds priced within the brand guidelines.  Any further discounting must be approved from a home office contact.

Spending time building value in the diamond and jewelry itself before we focus on price.  

When you spend time talking about how we have the best pricing, you start making the guest wonder what other places they could find a better deal at! 

Have the Proper Tools

A doctor doesn't start surgery without the proper tools nor does the jeweler build a piece of jewelry with out everything he need to make the perfect piece.  Having the right tools for the job at hand makes everything much easier. 

What are your tools? 

The Forevermark Diamond Hologram Viewer

  • Is your Forevermark Diamond Viewer charged appropriately?
  • Do you have all the pieces needed to show the diamond's hologram properly?
  • Have you practiced so that you know how to use it? 

Visual Merchandising Tools

  • Is your Diamond Presentation Tray near by to present the jewelry in the most attractive and security conscious way?
  • Do you have your Diamond cloth to clean any fingerprints and build drama during your presentation? .

Overall Cleanliness

Forevermark's clean and sleek presentation is best when your jewelry is organized and attractive to look at.

Look in your Forevermark cases. Are they...

  • Clean of dust and debris?
  • Tags tucked out of sight?
  • Organized by color of metal and style?
  • Are pieces balanced with minimal empty spaces and not too many pieces on an element? Use your black boxes to create the appearance of options while not looking like a warehouse.   Having less pieces supports the concept of rarity and a piece being special as well as creating a sense of urgency for the guest. 

Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions on the next page to test your knowledge of how to maximize our Forevermark diamond brand in Diamonds International 

What is a good way to share Forevermark brand information with your team?

What is the maximum a store can discount a Forevermark diamond?

The maximum a store can discount a Forevermark branded item is %

What of the following features do we recommend you know about our Forevermark merchandise?

  • Center Carat Weight
  • Model Number of Jewelry
  • Metal of Jewelry
  • Retail Price
  • Style Information to help Guest choose best piece for their lifestyle
  • Hologram of Diamond

When is the right time to show the guest a Forevermark diamond?

Guest who prioritizes the high quality

What makes that 1% stand out in the Diamonds International store? 

As sightholders with De Beers, Diamonds International is proud to have an amazing quality of stones to specially select from.  Our guests are used to seeing a high quality cut options with our proprietary Crown of Light diamond so it's great to support our Crown of Light brand with other brands that share the same priorities for quality and beauty. 

The rigorous selection process for a Forevermark Diamond shares similar quality standards as the quality process for a Crown of Light diamond.   

  • Specially sourced rough diamonds
  • High cut quality
  • A difference in beauty that is easily visible to the naked eye

You can be confident that you are not compromising the quality of what you offer the guest when you are showing them the Forevermark diamonds. 

Guests who want fancy shapes

When the Crown of Light just isn't right for this guest....

While our Crown of Light diamond is always the most popular choice in diamonds in Diamonds International for it's differences in sparkle; there are some guests who just want something else.  

The Forevermark diamonds are a great resources for the guest who wants a fancy shape!  Their focus on quality means that the fancier shapes that have a different scintillation.  Whether it's an emerald, marquis or cushion cut; the guest doesn't have to compromise quality or style to take home a Diamonds International purchase! 

Guest who care about causes

People with Purpose!

Many people enjoy making purchases from companies and brands that share their values. By sharing the Forevermark brand values with the guests, it could be the difference between closing the sale!   

There are several good ways to identify the causes that a guest could be influenced by..

  • Look for visual cues such as t-shirts or pins that show support for different causes
  • Ask questions about their lifestyle - work, fun and family
  • Pay attention to questions the guests asks and how they react to the answers you give - you may see a good opening to share more with the guest

Human Rights Fans

 While we don't want to get in to a personal conversation that can complicate the sale,  silently noticing that the guest is interested in these topics can give you the information that this is a good guest to talk to about the Forevermark  Human and Women's Rights focus.  If someone talks about working in the social services or as a female business owner, they will be interested to see how they can help others as they buy a Forevermark diamond!

Environmental Supporters

People with pro - environmental rights beliefs are often more outspoken about them and wear pins,  badges and message clothing proudly.  By talking about the different environmental and animal rights campaigns that Forevermark is actively involved in, your guest can feel confident and proud to wear a Forevermark diamond. 

Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions on the next page to test your knowledge of how to maximize our Forevermark diamond brand in Diamonds International 

What are 2 reasons you would recommend the Forevermark diamond for a guest?

After the sale

While In the Store

Showing the guest their diamond's paperwork

Our guests love to see all the information about their diamond.  This diamond is becoming part of our guest's life story so by sharing the diamond's information, they know exactly what they are getting. 

We keep our Forevermark diamond grading reports in the home office not only for security but to allow our guest to receive a second touch point from Diamonds International that keeps their shopping experience with you and our team fresh in their mind.  

It's easy to find a copy of the paper work though with our website that hosts copies of your diamonds paperwork.  Use the link below to see the website that allows you to quickly print a copy in the moment. 

Your username and password are both the same  - cert

After the Guest Leaves

Sending the official Grading Report to the Guest

The official Forevermark Grading Reports are important for the guest both for their own purposes and Forevermark's diamond registering feature.  We make it super easy for you to ensure that we can have the documentation sent in a timely manner to our guest! 

A Simple Process

It's easy to request a grading report in Diamonds International  - Just follow the steps and your guest should have the grading report in 2 weeks if their address is located in the continental United States! 

  1. Email [email protected]  and CC [email protected] the same day of purchase
  2. Subject Line should contain   FOM Grading Report Request SKU #XXXXXX
  3. Use the Excel form sent to stores to fill in required inforamation that makes it easy to update company files and ensure accuracy and speed! (The form is attached here for easy downloading!) 

Grading Report Request Format Sheet

How the Email Should Look 

Helpful Hints for Speed and Accuracy

  • Email only who needs to be emailed
  • Use the format of the subject line so we can easily fulfill the request and start working on others
  • Don't wait too long to send it- the promise date for continental US addresses is only good 2 weeks from the day the request is sent!

How the Excel File Should Look 

Helpful Hints for Speed and Accuracy 

  • Only send one request per email so we can close out fulfilled requests easily
  • Use the Excel form in the format provided!
    • Do not handwrite and take a picture
    • Do not just write information in the body of the email 

What the Guest Can Do When They Get Home

Register the Forevermark Diamond

Our guest has the ability to register their Forevermark's unique diamond and it's hologram on the Forevermark website.  As one of it's most popular selling features, it's a great service to the guest when we help them be aware of the procedure.   Introduce the guest to the Forevermark website and help them know what the benefits are of registering their Forevermark diamond

Benefits of registering a Forevermark Diamond

  • See the journey of your diamond 
  • Protect your diamond ownership by ensuring that any hologram is recorded under your name
  • Receive free Forevermark cleaning cloths to keep your Forevermark diamond shining in between visits to Diamonds International

Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions on the next page to test your knowledge of how to maximize our Forevermark diamond brand in Diamonds International 

A customer who lives outside the United States can be promised the delivery of their Grading Report in less than 2 weeks

  • No! Due to shipping and mailing delays, it can take up to a month to deliver a grading report from our New York office depending where they live!

What information needs to be in the Subject Line for a Forevermark Guest Request?

  • Customer Name
  • Lab Report Number
  • Name of Grading Lab
  • SKU Number

Next Steps for Forevermark and Diamonds International

New Programs

Things aren't just changing with the training program......

As we grow our Forevermark and Diamonds International partnership, we are getting a lot more opportunities for fun collections and events.  Read on to see what the future holds for us....

The Tribute Collection

The Tribute Collection is a collection designed to celebrate the many accomplishment and skills women today work to have.  Whether pieces bought to layer together as a way to celebrate milestone moments in a woman's life or an add on to an already great sale, the Tribute Collection's delicate beauty is a great collection to wear every day and celebrate the strong and skilled woman you are! 

Introduce this collection to

  • A woman celebrating an accomplishment by purchasing something herself
  • An add on as a great complement to many of our other pieces
  • Someone who likes delicate and dainty pieces that are great alone or stacked
  • Anyone who has a special woman in their life they want to pay tribute to!

The Exceptional Diamond Collection

The Exceptional Diamond Collection by Forevermark is amazing collection of special stones that are set aside for their incredible beauty and story. 

While not all stores may carry an Exceptional Diamond due to their rarity, knowing about them is helpful to locating one if you have the right guest or have questions. 

The Exceptional Diamond collection is a series of diamonds that come with the following 

  • Must be hand selected from rough and over 3 carats after polishing
  • Comes with  a book showing the diamond journey from rough to finished and a model of the rough diamond
  • Ability to register and officially name diamond with Forevermark and DeBeers 

Red Carpet Events in Your Store

Share the glamour of Foevermark and HOllywood with the Red Carpet Events in your store.    You can host a dimaond peice or two worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet and let your guest truly feel like a star!

Each Red Carpet Event hosts

  • Celebrity jewelry
  • Pictures of the piece as it's worn on the Red Carpet and who wore it
  • Our Forevermark and Diamonds International step and repeat for those Red Carpet paparazzi photos

Who's Next

What person in your store do you recommend take this program?

We know there are a lot of associates who are interested in learning more.  Based on your knowledge and experience with your co-workers,  who are 2-3 people in your location that you would recommend taking this program next?