Basic First Aid

Welcome to Basic First Aid! In this course, you will learn about how to treat flesh wounds, dressing and fire rescue.

Section 1

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Treating Flesh Wound

Types of Flesh Wound

Cut Wound

Caused by scrapes, glass or a sharp object sliced through the flesh

Can cause infection when untreated

Wound is shallow and heals faster

Puncture Wound

Caused by a sharp object piercing through the flesh (eg. nail, splinter)

Can cause infection when untreated. Infection can also be worse deeper inside

Wound is deep and heals slower


True or False

  • Cut Wound is caused by sharp objects sliced through the flesh
  • Cut Wounds are deep and hard to treat
  • Pierce Wounds can take more time to heal
  • Pierce wounds can still cause infection when untreated

Mix and Match

  • Deep wound and longer time to heal
    Pierce Wound
  • Shallow wound and less time to heal
    Cut Wound

Fire Rescue

How to extinguish a flame

Steps to use a fire extinguisher

1)Pull out the fire extinguisher 

2)Aim  at the flame

3) the trigger

4)Aim around the  to ensure it is fully extinguis