cloud computing



Dr. Ammer Elameer - Marwa Nagim

Drop box Software

Drop box is an online storage system where users are provided with limited storage space. Users can use this space for storing there data. This system works on cloud computing technology

DropBox Features:

  • Sync files of any size or type.
  • Share large files and photos easily.
  • Automatic online backup.
  • Track and undo changes to files.
  • Windows Mac and Linux.

The Dropbox Desktop Application

The Dropbox Desktop Application also known as (the desktop client) is software that watches a folder on your desktop computer and syncs any changes to the web and your other computers ,runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems . Using Dropbox on your computer is just like using any other folder on your hard drive, except the files you drag into your Dropbox folder automatically sync online and to any other computers or mobile devices linked to your account, The desktop app even works when you're offline. The next time you're online, Dropbox will sync changes just where it left off.

Dropbox Website

The Dropbox Website allows you to access your files on any computer from a web browser. You can also use the Dropbox website to share your files or folders with others. Open Dropbox official website. On the top right, fill your login credentials and click on Login button. You’ll see all the files you put on your computer’s My Dropbox folder present on the web interface.

You can take actions like sharing, downloading, renaming folders and much more, by clicking on the dropdown next to each folder.


Dropbox mobile

The Dropbox mobile website and Dropbox for mobile devices allow you to connect to your Dropbox from your pocket If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device, native Dropbox applications are available

for free , so you can take your files with you wherever you go.

It's like having the same folder on all of your computers and mobile devices at the same time.

Dropbox secure

How secure is Dropbox?

We take the utmost care to ensure Dropbox is secure. All transport of file data and file

metadata occurs over SSL. All files are encrypted with AES-256 before being stored on our

backend. These are the same standards that banks and the military use to protect their data!

IS Dropbox one of application for cloud computing?

  • yes
  • no

is Dropbox software free?

  • yes
  • no

multiple choice question

  • Elasticity and scalability.
  • Self-service provisioning and automatic de-provisioning.
  • for chatting
  • Standardized interfaces.
1-What are the basic characteristics of cloud computing?

multiple choice question

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • all above
2-How many types of deployment models are used in cloud?

multiple choice question

  • Accessing and managing the commercial software.
  • security
  • Centralizing the activities of management of software in the Web environment.
  • Developing applications that are capable of managing several clients.
3-What are main features of cloud services?

fill in the blanks question

1-Cloud Services have a________ relationship with their customers. 

fill in the blanks question

2- The term ‘Cloud’ in cloud-computing refers to ______. 

fill in the blanks question

3-The _______ is the computing which is completely based on the Internet .


statement question

  • Cloud Security Alliance s the name of the organization helping to foster security standards for cloud computing

what is the purpose of clouding?