2017 Endeavor Safety Manual Refresher Training

Safety Manual Refresher Training

2017 Safety Manual Training Video

Safety Manual Training Quiz


Endeavor Energy Holdings LLC
Safety Manual Training Quiz

September 2017

Before proceeding to the Safety Manual Training Quiz, please verify the following:

  • Yes, I have read the Safety Manual for the office in which I work and any office I anticipate visiting and have watched the recorded Safety Manual training in its entirety.

______________ is the safety program which requires visitors to sign in and out using the reception area sign in and out sheet, so that a history of visitor access is kept on file.

  • Visitor Check In
  • Visitor Control
  • Visitor Handling
  • A program like this does not exist

You receive a box in the mail without a return address.  What do you do?

Select all that apply

  • Report any incident of suspicious mail to the Safety Officer
  • Open with caution
  • Leave and ignore the package
  • Submit a completed Safety Observation and Near-Miss Report to the HR Department

In addition to completing the Employee Checklist for International Travel, each employee must review the following documents prior to international travel

Select all the apply

  • Travel Warnings and Restrictions
  • Travel Risk Assessment (if available)
  • Entry Requirements for International Travelers

As you walk across the hall at work, a book falls from a shelf and almost hits your head.  You are okay and not injured.  Is it necessary to complete the Incident Report Form?

  • No. If you are not injured, it is not necessary to complete the Endeavor Incident forms. It is necessary, however, to complete the safety observation/near miss form if a near miss occurs.
  • Yes. If a safety incident occurs that causes injury, or a near miss occurs that did not result in injury, illness, or damage, it is always necessary to complete the Endeavor Incident forms.

True or False

  • In the event of a building fire drill, employees should gather important documents, food, and beverages before exiting.

If an employee drives on company business, they must..

Select all that apply

  • Possess a current valid drivers license and proper insurance coverage
  • Use cellular device only while waiting at a stop light
  • Drive within the posted speed limits and obey posted signage

According to Country Evacuation Plans, Phase 2 is referred to as

  • The Review Stage
  • The Evacuation Stage
  • The Alert Stage
  • The Preliminary Stage
  • The Safety Stage

According to Country Evacuation Plans, Phase 1 involves:

Check all that apply

  • Heightened attentiveness of country instability or local threat
  • Final preparations as the decision to evacuate is imminent
  • Review of departure kits
  • Communication concerning country instability or local threat with the Emergency Coordinator and the Managing Director of Engineering, Operations, and EHS personnel

CDC recommends insect repellent that contains

  • 20 percent DEET
  • Oil of lemon or eucalyptus
  • IR3535
  • Picaridin
  • Any of the above

Where must employees always include their current location details/upcoming travel itinerary?

  • Office voicemail
  • Skype for Business note
  • Travel Itinerary Report
  • Location Manual

Active Shooter Training Video

Federal Bureau of Investigation Active Shooter Video


Upon completion of the video, please confirm the following:

  • Yes, I have watched the Federal Bureau of Investigation's "Run.Hide.Fight" video in its entirety.

Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic Issues Identified During the Evaluation:

Part 1 - Ergonomic Work Station Evaluation.

  1. To prevent eyestrain, try to reduce the glare or reflection created by windows and lamps.
  2. The height of your chair should be adjustable with a back rest.
  3. Ensure there is adequate space for your legs under the desk.
  4. Take short breaks every 30 min to stretch and rest your eyes.
  5. Try to intersperse time on computer with other activities.
  6. Keep frequently used items within easy reach.

Part 2 - Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation


Please refer to the numbered pictures to the correlating numbered notes below.


  1. Are your feet flat on the floor? Otherwise use an ergonomic footrest
  2. Is your backrest supporting lumbar area?
  3. Are your knees at a somewhat 90 degree angle?
  4. Are your thighs parallel to the floor?
  5. Are your elbows at a somewhat 90 degree angle? It can be slightly over but it shouldn't be less.
  6. Are your wrists in a neutral position? That means you can put a ruler under your lower arm to your palms. Your wrist is level with your lower arm.
  7. Is the computer monitor positioned about an arm’s length away from you?
  8. Is the top of the monitor at eye level or just slightly lower?