Professional Driver Club

This training module will explain what the Professional Driver Club is, who it is for, and how members can benefit from it. 

What is the Professional Drivers Club?

Who is a professional driver?

How can you identify a professional driver?

Why are professional drivers so important?

What is the professional driver lounge?

Why is a lounge provided?

How to access the lounge

What form of identification do drivers have to show to sign up to the Professional Drivers Club?

Can normal customers enter the professional drivers lounge?

Do you have to be a member to get the professional driver club lounge access and other benefits?



Cost & Inclusions

How to become a member

Current members

Which of the following licence types will we NOT accept? (select more than one if applicable)

How much is it for a professional driver to sign up to the club?

Does a driver get one free shower when they sign up?

How can a professional driver sign up?

Should truck drivers leave a deposit when they want a shower?

Membership Offers





Can a non- member claim the refuel rewards?

To claim a shower through Refuel Rewards, what must a member do?

If a member has not refuelled 300+ litres, what is the cost of a shower?

What should you do when a truck driver claims a free shower or meal?

Can a member combine receipts from different days to make up the minimum fill requirements to claim a fuel reward?



What happens if a member has lost their card?

What must a member leave to access the showers?

Should a member join by completing a paper form or the online form?

Can all sites accept the shower tokens from Carnarvon in exchange for a shower access pass card?

Can a member claim the free meal AND free shower if they have fuelled up 750+ litres?