Unit 4 RSG Chapter 8 Lesson 3- Samurai and Shoguns

Lesson 3- Samurai and Shoguns

Lesson 3 Samurai and Shoguns

Nobles Gain Power

The central government ran out of and grew too weak to control the daimyo. gained power by creating their own armies.

The Rise of a Military Society

It became a military government in which the , or commander of the army, had the real power. The had no real power.

Three Powerful Warriors Unify Japan

A single powerful family called the Shoganate, eventually gained control of the whole government and held that power for years.

Matching Vocabulary

  • the rule of Japan by Tokugawa Ieyasu and his successors in the Tokugawa family
    Tokugowa Shogunate
  • a person who receives land and protection from a lord in return for loyalty
  • a trained warrior who belonged to the private armies of the daimyo
  • a large landowner in Japan
  • the Japanese military leader that ruled on behalf of the emperor