IT Systems and Support

These courses give you basic information about our systems as well as telling you how to get support.

Premier's Intranet Site

About the intranet

The intranet can be used to lookup information about our existing team members.  This includes:

  • contact information like telephone numbers and email addresses; and
  • pictures of team members in case you need to identify anybody to speak to them.

You can also use the intranet to access some of our personnel and operational applications.

The intranet is only accessible from within Premier's network.  This means that you have to be sat at a computer in one of our offices or your VPN connection must be active if you are working from a different location.

The intranet should automatically appear when you open your web browser.  If it doesn't then your can open it by typing http:\\premier into your web browser.  Remember, this only works if you are in the office.


The intranet can be accessed from

  • Anywhere
  • Within the office
  • Outside the office when I have VPN activated

The intranet gives me links that allow me to...

  • book holidays
  • report absences
  • find collegaue's contact details
  • read company news and updates
  • send emails

Where to go for support and help.

Premier's IT Support

Premier's IT support team is in-house.  This means that we look after IT support ourselves.

There are currently two people in our IT support team:

  • Tony Savage, IT Manager; and
  • Matthew Evans, Helpdesk Support Analyst.

You can lookup Matthew's and Tony's details via the intranet.

Asking for IT support

All IT support requests are managed through a ticketing system.

If you have an IT support request, and are able to get into your email account, then you should email your support request to  You can also find this address in your Outlook contacts list:

If you do not have access to your emails then you can also call the IT support desk on:

020 3727 9750 (ext 5550)

You should make a note of these contact details now, just in case you need them in the future.

When to contact the IT support team

You can contact the IT support team if:

  1. you need your network login details reset;
  2. any of your equipment breaks down or fails;
  3. if you need access to a system that you don't currently have; or 
  4. if you lose your security access fob.

Specialist applications

There are some specialist applications the IT support team do not look after.  This is because the applications are either run in the cloud or we have other technical specialists who look after the platforms.


Bizflow is our process management system.  It is used mainly by the Member Services and Treasury teams.  

This application is looked after by one of our application experts.  Problems or faults with this application should therefore be referred to Adrian Headford.  You can find his details on the intranet.

Profund oPen

Profund oPen is our membership database tool.  It is used by the Member Services team.  This application is looked after by two of our application experts.  

Problems or faults with this application should therefore be referred to Clare Smith or Adrian Headford.  You can find their details on the intranet.


Payplan is our pensioner payroll platform.  It is a cloud based system which means that all of the data and application is stored on our supplier's servers.  Any problems or issues with this application therefore has to be referred to the PayPlan support team.  Please contact your line manager if you encounter a problem with this application.  Only a small number of people are allowed to contact the supplier to raise support issues.

Who works in Premier's IT support team?

  • Peter Franklin
  • Matthew Evans
  • Andrew Evans
  • Sandra Smith
  • Tony Savage

When should I contact the IT support team?

  • If I have lost my security access fob.
  • If I need training on a specialist application.
  • If I forget my password.

Learn about our network drives and where to store information.

Network Drives

Premier has a number of different network drives.  These are often called or referenced by their drive letter.

Only one of these drives is private.  Documents and files stored in all other drives are PUBLIC.  This means that when you save something into them, everyone will have access to them.


This is the main company drive that everyone at Premier has access to.  It is mainly used by the Consulting team to store documents about clients.  The administration team should NOT store new information in this directory but you may sometimes need to search it to find information that a Consultant has stored there about a client.


This is the network location reserved for the administration team.  You can create your own drive here to store PUBLIC information.  This can include:

  1. reference information you might need;
  2. your own notes or templates; or
  3. company information you might need to refer to.

If you don't yet have your own directory in this drive you can go ahead and set one up for yourself.


This is the only drive that is totally personal and private to you.  You are the only person that has access to your U:\ drive.  You can store any sensitive documents or materials that you might want to reference here.  Remember though that only you can see this drive so you won't be able to share any links to documents stored here.

Common documents you might want to store here include:

  1. appraisal documents;
  2. HR documents or template letters; or 
  3. sensitive salary or personnel information.

Storing client information and data

Premier use a document management system:

  • INVU Series 6 - up until 31st May 2016
  • OnBase - from 1st June 2016

Reference or source client data must always be added and stored within one of the document management systems.  It should NOT be stored in the network drives.

Any client data or information stored in network drives is not:

  1. secure;
  2. searchable;
  3. controlled; or
  4. managed.

In all cases client data MUST always be added into one of the document management systems.

Never use network directories to store member, trustee, accounting, payroll, financial or other outputs.  The place to store this is in the document management systems.

Which of these is a private network drive?

  • P:\
  • O:\
  • U:\
  • S:\
  • X:\

What should be stored on a network drive?

  • Client material I am working on
  • Reference information that helps me in my role

Company Drive

The  drive is the Company drive that everyone at Premier has access to.

Fill in the blanks

The private drive that only I have access to is the  drive.

Administration drive

The drive used by the administration team is the  drive.


Email format

All Premier emails follow the same format convention:

For example Mr Andrew Smith's Premier email is:

Email Footers

Email footers are added automatically by our email server.  

You do not need to add any email footer information yourself.  This is all taken care of centrally.

To maintain our company branding and to make sure all emails are consistent do not manually add any footer information.

After you send your email the footer information will be added by our servers.

If you need to change any of the information on your email footer then you must contact the IT support team.

Emails from outside of the office

You can get access to your emails from outside of the office.  All you need to access to an internet browser.

You will need to go to the following web address:

Note this address very carefully as it will need to be entered into your web browser EXACTLY as shown, including the HTTPS part of the address.

You can try logging in while you are at work in Premier's offices.  If it doesn't work for any reason then contact the IT Support team.

You can try logging in while you are at work in Premier's offices.  If it doesn't work for any reason then contact the IT Support team.

Secure emails

Users are responsible for drafting all emails carefully, taking into account any form of discrimination, harassment, Company representation, and defamation of Data Protection issues. Emails are a form of corporate communication and therefore should be drafted with the same care as letters. They need to follow the same checking and authorisation protocols as any other type of output.

Any emails that contain sensitive personal data MUST be encrypted.  This includes attachments as well as general email content.

Failure to do this may result in disciplinary action being taken so make sure you follow these steps carefully.

The recipient will then receive a secure message from Premier's servers.  This will include information on how to retrieve the email.  You do not need to do anything else.  All required instructions are provided to the recipient from the server.

Client email accounts

If you work in the member services team and need access to a client email account, or work in a team with a group email account, you will need to manually add it to your own account.  It will not appear by default.

When you know which account you need to add, follow these steps.

Ask your line manager which group email accounts you will need to get access to.

Press Apply when prompted and then close all of the windows.

The new account will then appear in your list of mail accounts.

If you have any problems adding a new account then contact the IT Helpdesk as you may not have all of the security permissions added you need.

What is the format of Premier emails?


How should you secure emails?

  • Password protect attachments
  • Add to a zip file
  • Setting the email flag to 'Confidential'

When should you secure an email?

  • If it has an attachment
  • If I am sending financial information
  • If I am sending quotes and statements
  • If I am sending reports or bulk data


Sharing your calendar

By default, your calendar will be set to private.  This means that only you will be able to see it.  

This makes it impossible for anyone else to be able to book meetings with you as they won't be able to check your availability.

You should share your calendar so that your colleagues can check your availability.

Press send and you have now shared your availability with everyone else at Premier.

Booking a meeting room

At Premier, we also use the calendar system to book meeting rooms.

You can add a meeting room to your meeting request to reserve a room.

If you need anything else setup in your room, such as drinks or lunch then you will need to email reception 48 hours in advance.  Tell the exactly what you need for your meeting.  This should include:

  • number of attendees;
  • dietary requirements if lunch is being booked; and 
  • confirmation of whether this is an internal or external meeting.

Which menu item do I need to select to share my calendar?

Who should you share your calendar with?

  • Everyone
  • Nobody
  • Admin Services


You first need your key feb

Before you can print anything you need to have a secure access key fob.  It will look like this.

You need to touch this key fob against the printer when you are ready to collect your printing.  

You cannot get any of your print outputs until you have this fob.

It is the same fob that you use to open the doors at Premier's offices.


All prints go to the same printer driver.

It doesn't matter which printer you want to collect you outputs from as you do this by touching your fob against the printer.

The print driver your printer should be set to is called 'Follow Me Print'.

All Premier prints default to black and white.  Use the printer properties option to select colour outputs.

After you print your document it will not automatically print at the printer.  You then have to manually touch your door fob against it for the prints to be released.

Touch your key fob against the printer you want the outputs to appear from.

You can do this from any Premier printer.

From the printer menu select the 'release' function after you have touched your fob against it.

Highlight all of the prints you want and press print.


Your phone

Your phone shows your internal extension in the top left-hand corner.  Your phone also tells you the current date and time in the same box.

To make an outbound call you do not need to dial 9 first.  Just enter the phone number of the person you are calling.


Set up your voicemail on your telephone by lifting the receiver and pressing the 'message' button.

Follow the instructions to setup your personal voicemail message.

If you need help with your script then use the following wording:

You're through to the voicemail for YOUR NAME.  I'm sorry I'm not available to take your call at the moment.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you.

If the red light in the top right-hand corner of your phone comes on, it means you have a voicemail message.  Pick this up by pressing the 'Message' button and follow the instructions.

If the red light comes on and the menu tells you that there are no voicemail messages available then that means a message has been left in the group voicemail account.  Access these by pressing the 'GroupMsgs' button.

Transferring a call

If your need to transfer a call then press 'transfer'.

This will then bring up the directory option in the phone's menu window.  If you know the extension of the person you are transferring the call to then you can just type this into the phone pad and press 'transfer', or, you can search for them by taking the following steps.

Picking up a call from someone else's phone

If you need to pickup someone else's phone if you hear it ringing then you can do so by dialing *73.

Do not disturb

If the DND (Do Not Disturb) light is on then all of your calls will automatically go through to your voicemail.  

Your phone will not ring or go on group hunt.

This should NEVER be set if you are at your desk.

Call forward

You can transfer your calls to another extension, or externally to a mobile phone by pressing the Call/FWB button.


Accessing MAVIS

MAVIS is Premier's digital HR system.  

You must use this system to book all holidays as well as to report any planned or unplanned absences.  All planned absences (holidays or medical appointments) must be booked and approved in advance through MAVIS.

You appraisal, which takes place in April each year, will be managed through MAVIS.

You can download copies of HR policies, the staff booklet and other benefit information from MAVIS.

Your MAVIS login is supplied by the HR team.

If you do not have a login for MAVIS then email the HR team now to request it.


Your login for MAVIS is always your surname followed by your first initial, for example:

Andrew Smith's MAVIS login is SmithA

MAVIS is accessible from the intranet.

MAVIS is also accessible from outside of Premier's network.  You can access it from this web link:

You can bookmark this link or write it down if you ever need to get access to MAVIS from outside of the office.

Booking holidays and recording absences

Holiday entitlement runs from 1st January to 31st December annually.

Your standard holiday entitlement is 25 days.  You will receive an extra one day holiday after 5 and 10 years of service.

Remember that you need to request ANY planned absence through MAVIS.  This includes doctor and dentist appointments as well a holiday leave.

You can only take leave AFTER you manager has approved your absence.

Updating your personal details

You should use MAVIS to tell the HR team about any change to your personal details such as your:

  • address;
  • bank account; or 
  • emergency contacts.

Any new starter to Premier should go through the Personal Details section of MAVIS and update the details shown straight away.

Make sure you add your emergency contact details to MAVIS by selecting the 'Contact Details' option and inserting a new record.

Changes to your bank account

Any change to the bank account that is used to pay your salary into should be made through MAVIS.

When you get your P45

If you are a new starter then you will probably get your P45 after you start work at Premier.

When it arrives pass it to Sue Holmes who is Premier's HR Manager.

Booking an absence

  • I should email my line manager to tell them about my doctor or dentist appointment
  • I should book my doctor or dentist appointment via MAVIS and wait for authorisation before taking the time off

Untitled statement question

  • I should check and update my personal details on MAVIS when joining
  • I email HR to tell them about changes to my personal details