Exclusive Events - Project plan training programme

This course will enable you as a learner to appreciate the significance of project plans as a project management strategy, and will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and insight to develop your own project plan toolkit. 

Interpret the pitfalls that project managers face when creating a project plan.

Faced with threats to the project's ultimate success, the project manager can wield certain weapons to stave off these threats. These weapons are:

  • Unlimited budget, aggressive negotiating tactics, and litigation.
  • Risk anticipation, forward thinking, and effective communication
  • Enforced daily meetings with all stakeholders, and daily status updates
  • Strict budget planning, lateral thinking, and intractable timelines.

Notes: The haunted house of project management

The haunted house of project management

In an article on project management nightmares, Ullmo (2016) draws an amusing comparison between project managers who are faced with monstrous difficulties and historical (fictional) hunters such as Van Helsing and who are faced with actual monsters. According to Ullmo, the project manager is often trapped in a “haunted house” by frightening creatures like vampires (overzealous stakeholders who interrupt the project) or skeletons (emaciated budgets). Yet hope is not lost, Ullmo argues, as the monster-slaying project manager possesses a whole host of weapons, among which the project plan, to guard against the perils of the haunted house. These weapons, in the form of risk anticipation, forward thinking, and effective communication, are used to eliminate the assailing threats of vampires, skeletons, and monsters while protecting the integrity and ultimate success of the project.

*Design of a project manager taking up arms against vampires and skeletons. The monsters are labelled “interruptions” and “budget cuts” and the weapons are labelled “risk anticipation” and “effective communication”.

Anticipating forces of evil

The author’s metaphorical horror scenarios are not only entertaining, but may serve as a starting point to identify and discuss other hazards in creating a project plan. Instead of naively ignoring the dangers posed to the project plan by the roaming beasts, the project manager should anticipate and identify the forces of evil that are lurking at a distance and prepare for any possible assault that may take place.


Ullmo, J. (2016). Project managers are the ultimate demon hunters – how to combat project nightmares. Retrieved from: http://www.projectaccelerator.co.uk/project-managers-are-the-ultimate-demon-hunters-how-to-combat-project-nightmares/5149/