This training manual will assist us on how to use CRM, What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life cycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. There are different types of CRM depends on suitability for the companies, for the purpose of this training our focus will be on Limelight.



What is limelight and Ultracart?

Limelight and Ultracart are software that allows our clients that have free-trial type products to keep track of dozens of different products, names, email, prices, date and time of when order was placed, IP, etc. all in one place.

When the customer fills out the order form on the landing page, Limelight bills the credit card, notifies the warehouse to ship the order, sends email to the customer to confirm the order, etc.

How to login?

Getting started:

To get an access into limelight (CRM), there is need for username and password. Simply type in your assigned username and password then click sign in.

Look for orders?

Search for customer's order

After sign in the next step of action is to look up for customer's order by clicking on drop arrow that stated Clients and Fulfillment, then click on orders.

How do i search for customer's orders?

Searching up for orders history:

Searching for an order history is a simple task, Order can be search simply by getting first and last name of customer or other provided information such as zip or postal code, email, telephone number, e.t.c.

How to void orders?

Voiding order:

Click on either Order ID or Customer's name, Afterward scroll down to select void button.

How to change or edit credit card information and updating shipping address?

Editing or changing credit card information, Shipping and billing address:

To change credit card information, it has to be done on the same page with void option. Also we can as well change or edit shipping and billing address on the same page.

How to cancel customer's account?

Clean cancellation:

To cancel account, click on small check box with order id, then clcik on stop recurring.

Scheduling shipping time frame and billing recurring on order?

Scheduling time frame on order:

In the same page where we can change cc information, we can as well schedule time frame to receive product and billing recurring by clicking on personalize subscription cycle, then change numbers of days.

How do we extend customer's trial time frame?

Trial Extension:

Click on next recurring date option, select end date agreed upon with customer.

How to change accepted continuity discount offer?

Re-billing account:

To rebill discount, we have to input the discount percentage accepted by customer every month for continuity offer under Rebill Discount.

How do we process partial refund?

Partial refund processing:

Processing partial refund can never be much easier. Scroll down on orders page to Void/Refund option, Put in amount you are refunding back to customer, then click on refund.

How can we place a new order?

Placing a new order:

After sign in to limelight, click on new order at the far right of the home page. Wait for CRM notification to pop up, select campaign you are ordering for customer, put in customer credit card information then click on process order.

How to process RMA (Return merchandise authorization number)?

Processing RMA ( Return merchandise authorization number)

Look up for customer order information, scroll down to RMA option, select from the drop down list reason for generating RMA, then click on Generate RMA Notification.

Locating shipping tracking number:

Providing Tracking number:

Sometimes it is necessary to provide customer their tracking number. To do that go on billing/shipping information page, scroll down to Tracking Number option to locate it.

How to determine chargeback/blacklisted account:

Taking note of chargeback on order:

On the same page with billing/shipping information for customer. Scroll down to order history, date and time including status will be displayed under existing notes and history.

How can we add notes:

Adding note on limelight

It is very essential we add note to each occurrence on the limelight, To do so scroll down on order history under shipping/billing information for customer, Look for Add New Note, after adding note click on save.

What do we do with CRM?

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What are the importance of using CRM?

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Is it necessary to leave note on CRM system when no order was found  for customer?

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