6.3: Humane methods of killing - Alternative stand-alone Module for those who only perform Function D

This module has been designed for those who only perform Function D and is a pre-requisite for this Function which can be delivered in place of a number of other modules for anyone who will only be involved in the humane killing of animals. This module combines Learning Outcomes from the modules relating to legislation, ethics and the Three Rs with practical animal handling, safe working practices and the theory and practical elements of the humane killing modules. 

An introduction

What should Mary do?

Mary"Hi Amy, my supervisor has asked me to get some livers from some mice today. Can you kill them for me?"

Amy"​I’m only authorised to kill rats, you need to go and speak to Steve, the unit manager."

  • Mary should go and speak to the unit manager.
  • Amy was the right person to ask to kill her mice
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6.3.1. Describe the regulatory framework for the scientific use of animals and in particular controls relating to the conduct of humane killing and confirming death – including role of named persons and the Animal Welfare Body.

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