Micro learning

Questioning Funnel  

section 1

Do you want to encourage others to talk openly?

Heading 1 Open Questions 

Open questions are good for establishing needs and steering the conversation by allowing you to follow up on information the other person has given you. 

Example: “When did you say you posted the information to us?”

Heading 1 Closed Questions

These are particularly useful when confirming facts and drawing the conversation to a close.

Example: "Is it black or white?"

Match terms

  • What, where, how, who, why, which, when
    Open Questions
  • Do, is, Can, are?
    Closed questions

What can make up for a multitude of failures?

a pleasant personality is what can make up for a multitude of failures as a leader 

  • a Pleasant personality
  • Reciprocity
  • commitment
  • social validation

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Heading 1 notice what Lina is doing!