this is where the course introduction goes.  something not too wordy, hopefully.

hey look:  
  a table


this is a "Section" or module #1

this is a title on the page

how about some body text?  perhaps this is contains some words to let the user know what they are about to learn.

and some more body text.  with a link to a pdf?  nope, we would need to hack in a download link to the page source.

  • a list
  • goes here

and another section

  1. some numbers
  2. go here

do you like this (try #2)

is this some footer text?

  • yes
  • no

the third and final page

a bunch of words

letting the user know

very important things.  like the logo above.

this is another "Section", or module #2

blah blah blah

please select any of the following

  • terribly interesting option #1
  • option #2
  • option #3
  • the last option (#4)