How to access the list of supported apps & existing integrations

This interactive tutorial will walk you through:

Finding the list of apps

View all apps & app details

To view a list of all apps, visit


There are Workato apps that help extend the functionality of your app integrations.

They are:

  • Clock (scheduling and waiting)
  • Email (send emails through Workato)
  • HTTP REST Adapter (advanced)
  • SMS (send SMSes through Workato)
  • Utilities (manipulate data & generate charts)
  • Track (iOS app push notifications)

View detailed information of each app

To view details about each app, click on its icon on the integrations page. Alternatively, you can head straight into the app detail page by typing:<app_name>

and replacing <app_name> with the app name.

For example, entering will take you directly to the list of Triggers and Actions supported for Xero. The information on this page is vital to know about the depth of each app and the business scenarios it can be applied to.

Some apps are not spelled the exact same way as it appears in the logo.

For example, brings you to an error page.

You will need to go to in order for it to work.

Searching for recipe integrations

One of Workato's core feature is the ability to re-use and install another person's recipe. These may have been created by someone else in the community, or someone from the Workato team.

If you would like to go straight into existing recipe scenarios, head over to the page.

Once on the page, you should notice a search bar, and some recipe cards

Hello world


Quick Quiz

Are the statements below true or false?

  • I can view the list of apps that Workato supports on the '' page.
  • I am able to view a list of an app's triggers and actions from the 'Browse Apps & Recipes' page
  • I can enter append the app name behind '' to go the the app detail page directly.

How many Triggers does Workato support for Dropbox?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
View the specific app detail page, then select the correct option.