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Hello, new Brand Ambassador prepare to learn about how the program works.  What you will be doing in this position and of course how to get paid. 

What is a Brand Ambassador Affiliate? (copy)

The Position

Brand Ambassadors

This position combines two different current marketing concepts into one, that of a Brand Ambassador and the other an Affiliate Marketer. The idea of a Brand Ambassador is to act as a spokesperson and represent the company’s brand in person or online. The brand ambassador presents the company, its products and services in a way that compels people to purchase.

The job of an online brand ambassador is to generate traffic to the website, page or social media profiles of the company they represent. Many marketing options are employed to drive this traffic but it is generally done online through social media channels.  They are compensated upfront in some way that generally is not in monetary value (this is not the case with a face to face brand ambassador as they are paid a percentage of the sales made). Typical modes of compensation for online brand ambassadors include free products, services and discounts in exchange for product testimonials, reviews and shoutouts. Sometimes online brand ambassadors are compensated in dollars but this generally involves a celebrity or online social media personality with millions of followers.


An affiliate is a person who markets and advertises products and services for various companies, in exchange for a percentage of the sales generated. An affiliate searches around for companies that have affiliate programs selling products and services that matches their current interests. The affiliate is a skilled online marketer who will employ several different marketing methods and techniques to bring about traffic and sales.

Some of the ways an affiliate will generate traffic:

  • write a weekly beauty blog
  • post affiliate link on their own website
  • create a Facebook Fan Page as an additional marketing tool
  • purchase ads to generate traffic to their own blog, website or affiliate link
  • social media marketing campaigns
  • building an email list and marketing to that list

An affiliate is always paid a commission on the sales made from the traffic they generate. The affiliate marketer will generate traffic to a product or service and most likely have never actually used the service or product. They are masters at generating traffic to an offer and that does not require firsthand experience or knowledge of the product. Instead it’s their passion for the niche (in this case our niche is the cosmetics industry) that allows them to generate traffic and sales through their affiliate links.

Brand Ambassador Affiliate

Now that you understand the difference between a Brand Ambassador and an Affiliate. Those who have worked or currently work as a Brand Ambassador, this position is going to be a bit different from what your use to. You will be paid a commission for the traffic generated not given free products for your efforts. If you are an affiliate, then your challenge will be to learn how to up your marketing game by learning how to be a Brand Ambassador. You must learn to be social as a brand ambassador and not just as an affiliate. This position is for every race, age or sex as the only difference between a 20-year-old Brand Ambassador Affiliate will be that most of her followers will be younger. A 45-year-old Brand Ambassador Affiliate will have a more mature follower and audience base but women of all ages wear makeup and need their voices heard. The age of your followers will not keep you’re from making lots of money.

Company & Program Information (copy)

Program Details

Program Details

Before we can teach you how to market and sell as a Brand Ambassador Affiliate. We need to take the time to discuss some of the company policies, marketing materials and program specifics.

Independent Contractor

You are an affiliate that acts as a spokesperson for Goddess Cosmetics. You do not work for us as an employee, instead you are an independent contractor. We will not take any taxes out of your commission payments. Making you responsible to pay your taxes when you file at the end of the year. This is your business, remember to keep receipts for supplies and services you purchase to run your business.


You will be marketing and making sales by sending traffic through your affiliate link to our website. The general affiliate link assigned to you can be found in the affiliate back office.

You are paid 15% of the sales generated from your affiliate link traffic. Once a sale has been paid, filled and delivered, the customer becomes your customer for life. You will continue to make 15% in commissions on all additional orders they make. If they continue to order under the same customer profile generated under their email address. When a customer makes a purchase, a customer profile is automatically setup for them underneath their confirmation email address. This email address will be tied to you for future commission payouts.

We also will pay you 5% on the commissions earned by your downline affiliates.

We pay twice a month on the 15th and the 30th to your PayPal account on file. The payment made on the 15th will be for commissions earned between the 16th-30th. The payment made on the 30th will be for commissions earned between 1st-15th.


We only pay through PayPal! It’s one of the most secure ways to make a business payment to affiliates.  This keeps us from having to store your personal banking and payment information. Instead all we need is your PayPal email address to make on time commission payments to you.


The company recruits passively for you by adding any new affiliates who signup underneath your general referral link. You can also proactively recruit and build your team faster. We have created a recruiting website for you to send prospects to that are interested in signing up as an affiliate. When you send marketing traffic to this website directly you will still get your affiliate credit. You must make sure to use the correct Marketing Group Materials to get referral credit (this will be explained in detail later.)

We have one recruiting tier or downline that you can make override commissions on. This means that your recruits must be direct affiliates, that either you recruited personally or came to the site under your affiliate link and decided to join.


When someone clicks on your affiliate link it will send them directly to our website and place a cookie on them. That cookie will remain on them and be tagged to you unless they come to the site under a different affiliate link. We give credit to the last affiliate link a visitor came to the site under.

Example 1: Lisa comes to Goddess Cosmetics (the site) under your affiliate link and does not place an order today. But comes back tomorrow under your same affiliate link and orders. You would be credited for the sale

Example 2: Mary comes to the site under your affiliate link but does not purchase anything. Comes back 3 months later to the website but does not come under your link. She instead goes directly to Goddess Cosmetics, when she places her order you will get credit for the sale. Because your affiliate link was the last one she came to the site on.

Example 3: Candi comes to the site through your affiliate link and does not purchase anything. But a month later sees an advertisement on a friends Instagram page and clicks her affiliate link to our website. You would not get credit for Candi's purchase because we give credit to the last affiliate link used to come to the site.

Please make sure you understand how this policy works. Most affiliate programs follow leads for 30 days and then that’s it. Instead we are willing to give you credit for a sale even if the lead doesn’t order for 9 months. If your link was the last link they visited the site under.

Although we do not tag a lead for life to you, we do tag a customer to you for the life of the customer. Remember that a customer must continue to purchase under the same account details for you to continue to get credit for each additional purchase. They must use the same email address and customer account created when they placed the first order.

Visitor: A person that comes to the site under your affiliate link.

A Unique Visitor: A person that comes to the site for the first time under your affiliate link.

A Lead: Technically a lead is a visitor to our site under your affiliate link that has not placed an order

A Customer: Is a person who has made a purchase

Rewards Program

Rewards Program &Marketing

You will be taught how to ethically post content when you arenot wearing or featuring yourself wearing Goddess Cosmetics products. In everytraining course provided you will be given detailed instructions, ideas andsuggestions on how to post as a Brand Ambassador Affiliate.

Do I have to purchase products to get started?

As stated in the introduction training module, you do not haveto have products to get started and learn to market your affiliate link. Shouldyou decide to purchase products we offer you 15% OFF all products you order andyou will earn 15% back in affiliate commissions on that same order. The code is affiliatediscount this code is notto be shared with anyone. If it is used on an order of a person who is not anaffiliate we will not honor the order or discount. If you want to provide adiscount to a potential customer you would need to use the Coupon Code optionin your affiliate back office.  

Rewards Program

We have an exceptional rewards program that can be found on themain website at the bottom of the screen in pink. You can participate in theRewards Program as an affiliate to earn coupons that can be used to purchaseproducts. We highly recommend that you indeed join this program as it is a wayfor you to earn enough points to purchase products. The coupons would rangebetween $5 to $50. Note you cannot combine your rewards coupon code with theaffiliate discount code. You would have to choose one at checkout. You will earnyour additional 15% commission for the order regardless of which coupon code used. 

When you join the Rewards Program you will earn initial pointsfor creating a profile, following or liking us on certain social mediaprofiles. After the initial points are earned you would continue earning pointswhen you are your customers make purchases. 

NOTE: There is one part of the Rewards Program that you cannotparticipate in and that is the refer a friend option. As an affiliate this optionwill not work for you. The refer a friend offer sends the visitor to the websiteunder a discounted link. The problem is that they will enter the site not underyour affiliate link, keeping you from getting credit for the sale. For this reason,we offer you the ability to create a coupon code just for you to use in yourmarketing. It will give customer 10% off their first order and you would becorrectly credited with the sale. Plus, get your rewards points for the order.Please make sure to remember this as we would hate for you to lose out ongetting commissions. Because you did not follow the instructions on the properway for an affiliate to offer a discount to a potential customer.

To learn more about the rewardsprogram, we have a page on the main website that explains the program in detailwith screenshots. Simply go to the Brand Ambassador tab and click on rewards program.

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

We have our marketing materials broken down into three majormarketing categories. You must understand the difference between them tounderstand how to use them for marketing. 

Affiliate Recruiters: These are marketing materials used toproactively recruit new affiliates. The affiliate link has been altered in allmaterials marked Affiliate Recruiters. The link will send the prospect to theaffiliate recruiting website at www.goddesscosmetics.rocks. A cookie will beattached to them and if they were to go on and sign up or end up on our regularwebsite. Your tracking cookie would still be on them and you would getcredit. 

Goddess Cosmetics: Materials under this category refer to your normalaffiliate link and is your default link. Use this link always unless you arerunning a recruiting campaign or using advanced affiliate marketingtechniques. 

Promotions: Material under this category will refer to sales andpromotions we currently have going on. These will generally link directly tothe page that contains the item so sale. Example: We have a sale on StarCrystals the marketing materials under this section would link directly to theproduct under your affiliate link. 

Please make sure when looking through the marketing materials inthe back office that you pay attention to the name of the marketing group.Because this affects where the traffic you send will land on our website or ouraffiliate recruiting website. 

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes must be requested, give us 24 to 48 hours toapprove the code you request. You can request a 10% off coupon code to give tonew customers. The idea of the coupon code is to help with marketing effortsgiving leads an extra incentive to make a purchase. You can use it in emailmarketing, post it to your social media profile as an advertisement. etc.

Social Media Campaigns

For now, we are only able to provide marketing materials for youto post directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can post to these profiles in theback office and it will auto populate your affiliate link based on themarketing group you pick.


We will continue to add lots of different banner and marketingimages. These images have your tracking links embedded on them based on themarketing group chosen.

QR Codes

You can generate QR Codes in the back office to use in youroffline and online marketing.

Text Ads

These are ads with no images that you can embed on your websiteor blog or use in paid advertising. As with all the marketing materials in theback office, your affiliate link is already embedded in the link. 

Text Links

Text links are simply marketing phrases and sentences with youraffiliate link embedded into it. 

Email Links

They work like text links except unlike them. You can only useemail links in emails. To see what the email says you must past it into thehtml code of your email to view. 

Email Templates

Marketing email templates that you can use and alter as youlike. 

Note: All marketing materials have your affiliate link embeddedin the link code automatically. So, do not alter any of the link information.When you use these marketing materials, you will be able to track the clicks oneach marketing type in your back office. This will help you determine whichmaterials work the best for you. Once again please remember to use the correctmaterials based on the marketing group.

Additional Tools

We have an app that will allow you to get commission alertpopups on your computer. You would need to download the app to your computerand proceed with the setup to get alerts.

Training Materials

Training Videos

We provide a video library of affiliate marketing trainingvideos. These videos focus on techniques and skills that are used by affiliatesin their marketing efforts. They are offered to you as additional training youcan use to compliment the weekly courses. 

PDF Training Documents

We will add assignment and presentation pdf's used in thetraining modules in this section. 

Tracking Links Manual

We partnered with Idevaffiliate to create our back-officeaffiliate portal. We asked them to create a manual, that advanced affiliatescan use to help them create different custom tracking links. 

Weekly Courses

Think of these training courses as being more focused on how toget up and get running as a brand ambassador affiliate step by step. Eachcourse will feature a detailed explanation on how to use some of the marketingmaterials in the back office. How to setup certain marketing channels and howto generate traffic to the new marketing platform. The modules will be acombination of reading, watching videos, answering questions and real worldassignments.  

Example: The Instagram training module assignments, would include, creating or modifyingyour existing account, adding your affiliate link in the correct spot, adding newcontent or removing old content. Figuring out your optimal days and times topost. Putting your Instagram marketing plan into action...etc. 

Customer Orders & Shipping

Customer Expectations

It’s important that you give your potential customers thecorrect impression on what to expect when they order. Although we do have thisinformation on our FAQ page and on the checkout screen, when a customer orders.Below you will find our company order processing and shipping information. Youwill not be doing any customer service on behave of the company. But your potentialcustomers may ask you questions related to the information below. 

Returns Policy

The customer would need to call us at 214-919-9855 for us togive them instructions on how to return their package. We do process exchangesonly refunds.

It takes 5-­7 business days from when the item is delivered for thereturned order to be processed. The customer will be notified via email at theemail address listed on the original order. It is possible that their bankinginstitution may require additional time to process and post the refundtransaction to their account once they have received the information from us(typically 3-­5 business days). Original shipping charges are nonrefundable.Although we do refund original shipping charges, if the product was defectiveor damaged in any way that is not the customers fault. 

Where Do You Ship From?

Dallas or Fort Worth, TX (We have two shipping locations.)

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

US: $6.95 *Canada & Mexico $18.95 *International: $25.00 (this rate shipping applies to international orders up to 4lbs in weight, we are not responsible for extra custom fees that some countries require!)  FREE shipping on all orders over $150!


When Will I Get My Shipment?

Our hours of operation for processing orders for shipping areMonday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST, excluding weekends and majorholidays. Orders ship 3 business days after you order! If your order isreceived after 2 p.m. it will not be processed until the next business day.*NOTE: during restocks & new releases, there are an extra 2-4 days ofprocessing! 

USA: 5-10 business days; Canada & Mexico 12-15 business days; Internationally: 19­-21 business days,not including time spent at customs/border inspection facilities. Please notethat this time frame is an estimate and not a guarantee. Any inquiriesregarding the exact location of your package should be made to USPS directlythrough your tracking link.  *NOTE: Detailed information on your shipmenttracking link may not show up until 2 business days prior to the date ofdelivery.  Email us at any time if you have questions regarding yourshipment. As we do make it our top priority to deliver your package within thetimeframe listed.

How Do I Track My Order?

Please allow between 2-4 Business Days for your tracking numberto update once you receive your tracking number by email. If you don't see theemail in your inbox try checking your spam folder or add goddess@goddesscosmetics.net to your safe sender’s list. 


Are Your Products Cruelty-Free?

Yes, our whole line is cruelty-free! Makeup is for Goddesses...not our little animal homies! Our makeup is manufactured in Canadawith no imported ingredients.

We offer exception customer service and customers receiveupdates on their orders in a timely manner and we return all phone call questionswithin 10 minutes up to 24 hours. No question or email from our customers abouttheir order goes unanswered. 

Questions (copy)

How does an Affiliate Market?

  • Website
  • Street Signs
  • Paid Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Macy's

How much comission do you make on sales generated from your affiliate link?

  • 5% of the sale
  • 15% of the sale

What are your Brand Ambassador Affiliate Goals?

  • Sale proactively and recruit passively.
  • Sale proactively and recruit proactively

Assignments (copy)

Next Steps

Rewards Program

Go to the main website and get setup under our Rewards Program. So you can begin to earn points for all sales made under your affiliate link.

Marketing Materials

Look around the website and view some of the content available underneath the marketing materials. We will add new updated materials on a weekly basis to match the deals of the week. 

Training Materials

View some of the videos in the affiliate video library. 

Your next training course will cover Instagram marketing from top to bottom.