Parable : Good vs Bad Choices

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Exploring Good Vs Bad Choices

How to identify a parable that Jesus told

So, here are a few tips to guide you on how to identify a parable .

1. Understand the nature of the parables.
Parables are tools to compare something physical to something spiritual (Halloran, 2013).

2. Understand the purpose of parables.
Jesus taught with parables for two main purposes: to explain truth to some (see Luke 10:36-37) and to keep truth hidden from others (see Mark 4:10-12 below)(Halloran, 2013).

3. See the parable in its proper context.
Often times a parable has a brief introduction that will greatly affect its meaning and interpretation(Halloran, 2013).



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Parable Reminder : Wise man and foolish man

Parables ~ Matthew 4: 2 Jesus taught them many things, using stories

Memory Verse

Matthew 7:24 "...The wise man who built his house on the rock"


Take a look at the video if you need to review the lesson! 





What should or shouldn't do?

  • Parables are stories Jesus taught to the people to learn about God.
  • Jesus just spoke to his 12 disciples
  • The man build his house upon the rock because he was told to
  • The two men were given the same instructions
  • This lesson main importance is that we build things anywhere
  • God wants us to be prepared and have a solid foundation
  • This lesson helps us to learn how to make good choices in different life situations

Memory Bible verse

  • Matthew 7: 24 ...the man who built his house on the rock
  • Matthew 4:2 Jesus taught many things to them, using stories
Please choose the Memory verse that has been discussed throughtout this lesson


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