Hi, Welcome to E-learning!

Welcome to  the exciting E learning

Welcome to the Colour!

Welcome to Colour's World. Let's know of the colour!

                                               Hi, Lets Learn Colours !  

I am so excited to play, Do you want to know more about me? Just see the pictures  below. Lets Begin !

Let's try to identify me!

Hi! Lets mix and match the question below.

  • What is colour of apple?
  • The colour of the lemon is...
  • What colour is the sky?

Welcome to the Transportation!

What is the name of this transporation?

Hi, I am a  Train.

I have a long body. Many people used me for their transportation. I am in public transportion category.  

Hi! I am a Car. 

I have four wheels. My car is red colour. People always used me to go to work. 

Hi! I am an Aeroplane. 

People always use me when they want to go for a long journey. I have a long body. I always fly in a sky. 

I always fly in a sky. Which is me?

Pick one of the correct picture based on the question been given

Welcome to the Animals!

Which animals that you want to know?

Hi, I am a Dolphin! 

I am a Dolphin. My name is Siti. I live in a water. I always swimming in the ocean with my friends. My favourite food is mackerel.

Hi, I am a Cat.

I am a Cat. My name is Ahmad. I live at home with my family. My favourite food is fish.

Hi, I am a Dog.

I am a Dog. My name is Tommy. I live at home with my family just like Ahmad. My favourite food is bone.

Which is true about me?

  • Meow is cat sound.
  • Dolphin live with cat at home.
  • Dog love to shake their tail.
  • Dolphin favourite food is Mackerel.
  • Cat have six legs.
  • Dog love to eat bone.

Welcome to know about Gender!

Am I a boy or a girl?

Hi, my name is Ali! 

My name is Ali. I am a boy. I am six years old. I always said Assalamualaikum before I knock the door. I love to play with my friends. 

Hi, my name is Fatimah!

My name is Fatimah. I am a girl. I am six years old. I always said Assalamualaikum whenever I meet my friends. I love to play with my friends.

Who I am?

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  • My name is Ali.
  • I am a boy.
  • I am six years old

Welcome to know about Shape!

Lets know about Shape!

                  Hi, I am a Circle. 

                   Hi, I am a Square.

                  Hi, I am a Triangle.

Define the Shape!

Can you guess, which shape of the Square?