Creating Project Plans

The course is aimed at students in the events planning industry who have previous exposure to project management. This is a refresher course and focuses specifically at the project plan.

This module looks specifically to apply project management practices and techniques to the areas of project planning, control and communication in events planning environmentUntitled section

How does one establish clear project objectives?

In order for project objectives to be clear and for all stake holders to understand and follow them, one needs to create SMART objectives. This means that objectives need to be:





Time Bound:

I would go on to talk about what each of those terms means.

There is a very brief video that I would inbed at this stage that would reinforce this concept:

After the theory and video I would include an example of a project, relevant to the Events field where the SMART objective strategy is explained. I would so do is a cyclic diagram.

Once the student has completed this, one can include a short exercise to reinforce the theory, to assess the student’s level of understanding.



What type of SMART objectives do the following activities fall under?

  1. The project has to be completed by the 30th November. ____________
  2. The company aims to open 10 new stores in the next 6 months. ______________
  3. Xxxxx _________________
  4. Xxxx___________________
  5. Xxx__________________

  • By designing a work breakdown structure
  • By creating a project scope
  • By designing SMART objectives
  • By discussing it with the stakeholders
Please select the correct option.