eLearning Epilepsy Management Plans (EMP)

This module is aimed in giving the new Epilepsy Foundation worker

a foundation in understanding the importance of the EMP and how it forms one of the central pillars in the training and service environment.


It is advisable to view the EMP guidelines first so you can understand the context of the document:




The EF worked over a couple of years in partnership with Scope, Melba Support Services, Villa Maria and the Department of Human Services to develop this template.  The objective was to create a disability sector-wide template that espoused the idea of 'one person - one plan'. 


As a result of this work, this partnership was awarded the 2013 Victorian Disability Sector Award for Excellence in Improving Health.  It is the standard template used in all DHS residential services in Victoria and is part of DHS's policy.  Many other community service organisations use the template, and we strongly promote it's use in all our service and training.


An outline of this award is featured:





Define the key components of the EMP

What do you think is one of the most important differences between a medical and social approach to supporting a person with epilepsy:

Explain what a person-centred approach to developing an EMP involves

What era in the disability sector focused on the person as a 'patient' who needed to be 'cared' for?

Person Centred Planning:

Select the correct term from the menu below:

Distinguish elements of a ‘good’ EMP

Which statement is incorrect:

Apply the approach 'Targeted questions - Collaboration - Communication' to given case scenarios

Contacting the parent/guardian should be in what part of the EMP?

If there has been no change to the EMP in the past 12 mths, does the doctor need to re-sign the EMP?

The important reason why an EMP needs to be clear as to whether a staring episode is an absence or focal seizure is:

Support clients in use of the 'Know Me, Support Me' suite of resources in developing an EMP

The resource "Developing an Epilepsy Management Plan" is designed to be used by:

Which document would you recommend for a support worker to use to engage the person with a mild-moderate disability in their upcoming medical appointment?

What formats is the "Learning about Epilepsy" resource in? (tick all that are correct)

Discuss the role of the Epilepsy Trainer in facilitating training using the EMP

Who is more important, the customer (who pays) or the client (person with epilepsy) in fee-for-service training at a school?