Customer Service Recovery Situations Using Twitter

Students in this e-learning course will be in a scenario of angry customer complaining on social media about non-working equipment and other students will have to respond to the complaints and concerns. They will all have to download the Twitter Application and create an account based on which ever scenario character they are playing. Customer, —Sales Representative, Manager or —Operations Department.

Students will download Twitter and create an account based on the position they are given. Customer, Sales Representative, Manager or Operations Department.

The Students who are playing the "angry customer" must Tweet to the company using the correct twitter handle to get a response.


Students will have to work in groups to create the accounts based on given roles, and create a specific account for with the angry customer or employees of the company. 

Angry Customer 

The angry customer must tweet out a complaint to the specific company stating the problem they are having with their equipment.


The company must then work with the customer to ensure the matter will be resolved by connecting them to the right department for options on solutions

What is the importance of having a strong presence on social media for a large company?

  • Being able to reach out to concerned customers who are frustrated fast.
  • Showing that the company cares about their clients and concerns.
  • Fast recovery for angry clients assures customers they will be taken care of.
  • All of the above

Because this is a scenario students must show they have done their research on the company and the department they are representing.

Why is so important to include social media into the working environment especially for customer service?


Example of Customer/Company interaction on Twitter

Feedback From Activity

Constructive Feedback For Students

After reviewing what comments your students have made as either role they are playing ask them if their is anything they want to change on what they had said.

Discuss the solutions and feedback from the students who are playing the company. What would they change and do they feel they resolved the customer issue to the best of their ability.

Applying Magic Key #3

Why is it important to select the right content for each learner?

  • learning is individualized for the most part
  • To enhance motivation in a subject area
  • To create an accessible learning environment
  • All of the above