Front Desk Up-selling

Objectives / Subjects

1. Identify sales opportunities

2. Build rapport with guests

3. Match guests’ needs with appropriate products.

4. Make recommendations clearly and confidently

5. Describe the advantages of every available room category and their benefits to guests

6. Handle resistance and overcome hesitation

Identify the sales opportunity

Sales Opportunity

When is our opportunity? 

Right time is very important

How to build rapport with the guest?

How to build rapport with the guest?

First impression is very important 

Atmosphere also is important 

We need to narrow the distance with the guest.

Match the guest’s need with our product

How to identify customer needs?


      Reserved guest 

                           Done by the real person 

                           Done by the second person 

     Walk-in guest

Make communication clearly and confidently

Secret of communication

What you say: 

             Expression ( language ability) 

             Knowledge of the content 

How you say: 

             Tone of voice ( rising and falling tone with the stress and pause)                                    Reasonable volume of the voice 

Body Language 

             Eye contact 

             Body gesture  

             Facial expression

Key to Upselling

Key Factor

What can we sell to?

Buying Indicators

Useful information from reservation details and RC 

Careful observation of the guest in front of us. 

         Like: Watch 

                     Credit card 

                     Suite case/bag 




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Selling Stages

Stage One -Tune In (make connection)

How do you tune in with a guest and create rapport?

           Eye contact 

           Welcome warmly 

           Address by name, use three times 

           Ask question 

           Touch: present your hotel 

2. Time to upsell:

           Right time( availability of room)

           Wrong time (rush, angry, distracted, exhausted)

3. Pacing and Mirroring:

           This technique involves noticing and matching the rhythms of another person’s speech and body language

           Caution!!!!! - cool face, no smile, impatient

Stage Two - Identify Opportunity

Ask question: open direct questions

     Are you coming for business or pleasure? 

     Would you prefer high floor? 

     How many days will you stay? 

     Are you going to hold meeting in our hotel? 

     Would you prefer quiet meal?

Stage Three - Match Needs

1. Restate the Needs 

2. Suggest an up-sell 

3. Explain the Benefits 

4. State the Price

Stage Four - Seek Agreement

We can lose sales by failing to convert positive signals 

We can appear pushy if we misread negative signals

Identify Signals

Different Signals

Positive signals


Great, Sound fine

Why not?


 Nod the head 

 Thumb up

Hesitation Signals


Let me think about it

let me discuss with …….

I am not sure


 Look at each other

 No Feedback

Negative Signals


I don't want it

I don't think so

I am not interested in

Maybe next time

I can't afford it


Shake head


Ignore you

Get commitment - closing the sale depends on different Signals


I will find a nice room for you 

I will prepare the key for you right away

Hesitation( add some benefits) 

Free fruit plate, free newspaper...

State again


I understand, no problem, I will find a nice room for you.


How to build rapport with the guest?

How to make communication clearly and confidently?

  • What you say
  • What you hear
  • How you say
  • How you react
  • How you answer
  • Eye Contact
  • Bow
  • Facial Expression
  • Professional Manner

How many selling stages?

Which stages include?

  • Tune In (make connection)
  • Stay connection
  • Identify opportunity
  • Seeking opportunity
  • Find the needs
  • Match needs
  • Offer needs
  • Seek agreements
  • Seek agreements
  • Seek chance for upsell