The Impact of NASA Technologies and Innovations in our Daily Lives

Hello, Fabulous Fifth Graders! In this lesson, you will learn about how NASA technologies and innovations have impacted our daily lives. With your iPad, touch "Start Course" to begin! When you're done with each section, touch the arrows to move forward with the lesson.

Be sure to complete the "Before Class" module at home before class. We will explore the "During Class" module in class together!

NASA Technologies and Innovations: Before Class

Take a field trip around your home! Guess how many items were developed from space technology​ and make a list of them below.

Before Class

Before class, watch the video at home to explore 27 NASA inventions that you probably already have in your home!

Of the 27 NASA inventions you explored in the video, which two did you find most interesting? Why? Please answer in at least two complete sentences!

See you in class tomorrow!

NASA Technologies and Innovations: During Class

Activity: NASA @ Home Jigsaw

NASA @ Home

Your teacher will assign you to groups to explore different rooms in the house using the NASA @ Home website. With your group, go to the website (click the link above) and take some time to explore - there's a lot of cool stuff on there! 

Then, fill out this Google Doc to share your ideas with the rest of the class. Be prepared to share your ideas!

Video: 9 NASA Technologies Shaping YOUR Future

Exit Ticket!

Step 1

Predict: How do you think technology will change everyday life in the future?

Make a prediction (educated guess) about what you think the next future device from NASA will be. How will this new invention affect people's daily lives?

Step 2

Go to Sketchpad and draw a picture of your prototype! Under your picture, write 2-3 complete sentences about how your invention will make people's lives better or easier.

Step 3

Upload your Sketchpad picture and response to our class Padlet to share your ideas and find out what your classmates have invented!