N-Virtual Virtual Assistant Interview

This interview will consist of an overview of the position, questions, and task samples. 




Do you feel that you can meet these expectations?

This position will require 100% accuracy, timeliness, organization, meeting deadlines, resourcefulness, tasks management, professionalism and dedication. I am looking for a dedicated team member and not just an employee looking to collect a paycheck. I am a very direct, honest, and stern employer. I am a virtual assistant that works with high profile clients. I need an assistant to help me with onboarding, Wordpress page creations, sales funnels, data entry, US based calls, calendar management, scheduling, social media postings, graphic design, research, project management, email management, copywriting, proof-reading, brainstorming, finding emails, PDF editing, time tracking, invoicing, and anything that my clients requests that fall within our scope of services. My main goal is to have someone long term (5+ years), full time. I deal with a lot of sensitive information, so I need someone that is trustworthy and honest. Soliciting my clients, stealing sensitive information, unapproved communication with my clients, misuse of company funds, etc will result in automatic termination and legal action. I have many business ventures and expansions I am working on for 2017 so I really need someone that will support me and my company. I love to give bonuses, send gifts, raise salary and reward hard work. 

Problems we expect to avoid:

1. Having to repeat instructions that were already given 
2. Giving instructions and being asked 100 questions rather than the VA researching and being resourceful
3. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. I do not like errors and errors are avoided by being careful and double checking work. 
4. Not following directions. Glancing over instructions and not looking at instructional videos all the way through. This results in errors and missing work
5. Spending too much time on assignments rather than being resourceful and getting things done quickly.

What hours do you normally work?

All answers should be in Central Standard Time. 

I am a stickler when it comes to time spent. I need someone that works quickly and accurately as I do. This is an EXTREMELY fast paced environment. Will this be an issue?

What experience do you have as a VA?

Are you looking for something that is just a "job" or a company that you want to believe in and support? (Please, be honest)

Are you open to constructive criticism? I am very straight to the point and will point out errors, mistakes, and issues. Will you be able to handle this?

Do you have any Wordpress experience? If so, can you provide some examples?

Next, I am going to give you 3 tasks. I just want you to tell me how you would go about completing them.

I am venturing into a new niche. I want to put together a package for people needing social media exposure and branding. What should we include in this package and why?

I send you a social media schedule and tell you to begin posting these on Facebook for my client. What do you post on Fridays?

List the group name you post in and the name of the content you would post in the group


How would you go about solving this task? Read the description for the task. There's an example task and answer provided as well.

How would you solve this task:

Identify the top 5 car dealships within 20KM of 128 w. 6th ave in Vancouver that sell used Jeep Wranglers. Rank them by:

  1. number of used Jeep wranglers they sold last year roughly (we need to find ones that actually get this car in) and
  2. by brand - ie rank first the ones that are dealerships for large car brands (like http://www.marinechrysler.com/used-inventory/index.htm).
  3. if they would do a trade in of a 2015 subaru forrester in exchange for a wrangler.



Task: Identify the top 10 machine learning companies in Vancouver and the top 5 machine learning incubators/accelerators in Canada, Washington, or California; and the top 10 public figures writting, podcasting, or blogging in machine learning on the internet (that is the leading investors, company founders, scientists, or academics).




  1. Dig deep when looking at search results - check social media, credentials, etc.
  2. Tap into reputable sources such Angelist, Crunchbase.
  3. Checking the speaker list at tech, machine learning, internet, blogging ,social media, podcast, etc conventions.
  4. Check reputable sources that list Vancouver business ratings and statistics.
  5. Search LinkedIn for groups with large followings and find the group creator or company associated.
  6. Check AngelList for Market Followers information.
  7. Look for top rated social media pages/sites in the industries mentioned and see who they have tagged, interviewed, mentioned, etc
  8. Check for interviewers on top tech, founder, startup, internet entrepeneur sites


Lastly, if you do well, I would love to bring you on full-time or at least to 30- 40 hours. Would you be able to manage this?

That will complete the interview. We will be making a decision by tomorrow evening and we will have training on Friday, February 17 at 5pm - 7pm CST. You will need to available for this training. Do you have any questions before we conclude?

Awesome! If you have any additional questions, wish to provide more documentation, or want to withdraw your application, please email tiffany@n-virtual.com. Resumes, references, portfolios, etc are strongly recommended.