Personal Security QDL

This video & assessment highlights some basic guidelines to increase our understanding of personal security. A self awareness of our surroundings and environment  can greatly reduce any potential risks. 

Personal Security Video

Personal Security Animation

Watch the video above & answer the questions that follow.

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Course Notes: Personal Security

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Personal Security Course Notes

Situational & Self Awareness

In Case of Emergency Phone Numbers

In the event of an emergency, you should have nominated numbers saved as and

You are in an unknown city. There is an alleyway that looks like a shortcut to where you are going. It is dark and late at night. What should you do?

  • Continue on your route, even if it takes longer.
  • Take the short cut, it may be quicker.
  • Go and see if the alley is safe to walk down.
  • Use your phone as a torch so it isn't as dark.

Mugging Scenario

While in a foreign or unknown location, you should always:

This question is multiple choice.

  • Wear clothes to attract attention.
  • Keep your money separated in 2-3 different places.
  • Find out where the local post office is.
  • Ensure your phone has credit at all times.
  • Travel in groups when possible

Driving Awareness

You're driving in a foreign country and another driver cuts you off on the highway. What do you do?

  • Pull up alongside the driver and argue your point through the window.
  • Never argue with anyone else who is driving, just carry on to where you are going.
  • Make an aggressive gesture towards the other driver to let them know that you are angry.
  • Take your phone out of your pocket while driving and take a picture of his plates to report later.

For your own personal security, when is the best time to fill your vehicle with fuel?