Windward Company Messaging 2016

In this course, we'll practice talking about the new messaging that was presented to the company in the dedicated sessions this month. You will read some short messages and do exercises to reinforce your learning.

The Company Messaging - Part 1

Read: The Elevator Pitch

Windward Intelligence gives decision makers at all levels the ability to ask questions – and get answers - about what's really happening at sea.

Read: Tell Me More.

Based on a new and unique source of information - what ships are actually doing at sea - governments get the answers they need to address any maritime challenge, from smuggling to illegal fishing to sovereignty issues.

Complete the elevator pitch by selecting the correct words from the drop-down menus.

Windward Intelligence gives   at all levels the ability to  and to  about what's  happening at sea.

Read: What is the Windward Unique Data?

Windward takes noisy, unreliable data and turns it into Vessel Activities Data.

The new layer of unique data tells users what ships are really doing at sea. This layer of data is proprietary Windward Data.

True or False?

  • Vessel Activities Data is unique to Windward.
  • AIS data is reliable.
  • AIS data is available to everyone.
  • Windward Vessel Activities Data is reliable and verified.
  • Vessel Activities Data allows users to know only where vessels are.

Read: Five Characteristics of the Unique Windward Data

Vessel Activities are a calculation of each activity a vessel has ever conducted -  every journey taken, every port visited, every ship-to-ship transfer conducted, every identity change, every anchoring, every loading,   every time a vessel 'goes dark', and more. 

With Windward Intelligence, users have immediate access to all current vessel activities worldwide, and to over 900,000,000 activities for the past four years.

The result is a global, historical, continuous, verified and searchable source of data on what ships are actually doing at sea. With this accurate, searchable view of the oceans, users can do everything from finding the needle in the haystack to identifying national-level trends.

Write the five characteristics of the Unique Windward Data.

Read: The Windward Value to Operational Teams - a Force Multiplier

Automatic Targeting

Windward Intelligence constantly and automatically searches the seas and detects targets based on YOUR profiles. Users can set alerts using the Rule Engine.

Trend View

Windward Intelligence provides an overview – via statistics and mapping - of patterns and trends in your waters and beyond, using Vessels of Interest Lists, Sample Results, Managed Services, upcoming tools.

Quick Investigation

Windward Intelligence provides easy access to information and context to assess what interests you; vessels, fleets, areas, activities, trends or patterns.  Use the Map and the Notification Center.

Information Sharing

Windward Intelligence gives you the ability to share info and preserve organizational knowledge

In what four areas does Windward Intelligence support Operational Teams?



Read: The Windward Value to Decision Makers - a Game Changer

Control your waters

Know everything that's happening in yours waters as it happens to respond faster, create deterrence and strengthens sovereignty.

Protect your maritime borders

Protect your maritime borders: Identify when suspicious vessels are heading towards your waters, long before they reach your shores.

Secure your national interests

Secure your national interests: Understand regional and global vessel activity and patterns that impact your country, both directly and indirectly. (See beyond the horizon)

The Windward Value to Decision Makers - Matching

  • Control
    your waters
  • Protect
    your maritime borders
  • Secure
    your national interests
  • Know everything that's happening in yours waters as it happens to respond faster,
    create deterrence and strengthen sovereignty.
  • Identify when suspicious vessels are heading towards your waters,
    long before they reach your shores.
  • Understand regional and global vessel activity and patterns
    that impact your country, both directly and indirectly

Read: What's so great about Activities Data?

The Real Picture

Other than the fact that the data is global, historical, continuous, verified, and searchable, it is a single source of information that provides a clear picture of reality about who and where vessels are, and what they are doing. Users can ask questions and get answers to what really interests them.

All ships

Windward Intelligence provides a picture of all the vessels everywhere, not only for individual vessels.


The Windward Intelligence picture is not just a local picture, but also regional and global.

Historical Context 

Windward Intelligence shows users not only the here and now, but also presents the historical context of ships, their activities, and areas.

Read: Some Stats

Activities Data is Better because ....

  • Regional and Global vs.
  • All vessels vs.
    Individual vessels
  • Historical context of vessel activities and areas vs.
    Here and now

Read: Some of Our Customers' Challenges

Which of the following images portrays human trafficking?

Which of the following images portrays arms smuggling?

Which of the following images portrays IUU fishing?

More about the Challenges

  • Smuggling
  • Border
  • Sovereignty
  • Securing maritime
    assets and facilities
  • Monitoring
    trade and traffic patterns

Read: What Windward Intelligence does for Customers.

Windward Intelligence

  1. Windward Intelligence scans all vessels automatically, so you don't  .
  2. Windward Intelligence screens all vessels globally so you identify risks before they reach your shores and  
  3. Windward Intelligence automatically vets all vessel activities based on your risk profiles, so analysts can focus on  instead of data analysis.
  4. Windward Intelligence allows for immediate assessment of targets so you focus on the targets that matter and improve  
  5. Windward Intelligence provides easily searchable  on what ships are doing worldwide.
  6. Windward Intelligence provides complete situational  of vessels, areas, trends and emerging patterns locally, regionally and globally.


Read: What's In? What's Out?

Read: New Terms

Which of the new terms replaces the old terms?
    Windward Intelligence
  • Find Tomorrow’s Threat Today
    Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • Early Warning Intelligence Analysis
    Automatic Targeting Quick Investigation Trend View Information sharing
  • Windward Mind
    Data Platform
  • Vessel DNA
    Vessel Stories

Read: Definitions of Additional Terminology - Optional

Activity Based Intelligence:

ABI is an analysis methodology which rapidly integrates data from multiple INTs and sources around the interactions of people, events and activities, in order to discover relevant patterns, determine and identify change, and characterize those patterns to drive collection and create decision advantage.

Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) 

Maritime Situational Awareness is"the comprehensive fusion of data from every agency and by every nation to improve knowledge of the maritime domain." It is an integral element of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).

Information Superiority

The operational advantage derived from the ability to collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information while exploiting or denying an adversary's ability to do the same. 

Persistent Surveillance

Persistent surveillance, as currently defined in joint doctrine, is a collection strategy that emphasizes the ability of some collection systems to linger on demand in an area to detect, locate, characterize, identify, track, target, and possibly provide battle damage assessment and retargeting in near or real-time.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence (OI) is a form of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into business operations. OI solutions run query analysis against live feeds and event data to deliver real-time visibility and insight into business and IT operations.

What do you remember?

  • Activity Based Intelligence
  • Maritime Situational Awareness
  • Information Superiority
  • Persistent Surveillance
  • Operational Intelligence