The Gates of ALEP - 2: Scoping

ALEP: How to Scope a New Initiative


Establish the Scope

To determine who will receive training, what questions should you ask?

  • What lines of business will be impacted in the Call Center?
  • How many people will need training?
  • What materials will we provide to the trainees?
  • What is the audience's availability for training

Select all that apply.

To learn what the training will be about, what questions must you ask?

  • Where will this training happen?
  • What is changing and what is staying the same?
  • How many people will be trained?
  • How will the audience use this new tool?
  • What will they need to know to use this tool correctly?
Select all that apply.

To find out where training will be needed, which questions should you ask?

  • What is the Training Footprint?
  • What is the Customer Footprint?
  • Can all impacted Call Centers facilitate a certain type of training?
  • Will the tool be used the same way by the entire audience?
Select all that apply.

To identify the timeline of a project, what should you ask?

  • How long will training take to reach the entire audience?
  • What is the priority of this initiative?
  • Will the training include travel?
  • Will there be a pilot group, or will this implementation go into production at one time?
  • What is the process?
  • What are the testing, approval, and 'drop dead' dates of the technical changes?
Select all that apply.

To learn the why the company is implementing this change, what should you ask?

  • What brought on this new tool/change and in what context will it improve the audience's work?
  • What will determine if this implementation is successful?
  • Who championed this initiative?
  • Which audience will see the greatest impact with this initiative?
Select all that apply.

Check Your Knowledge!

Match the Term to the Description of factors you use to determine the Scope of a training initiative.
  • WHY
    Asking what brought on a change or enhancement and what will drive its success in production helps answer __________ training is needed
  • Audience
    Determining what Lines of Business will be impacted by a new or changed process helps us identify our _______________
  • WHAT
    Getting detailed answers on how users will learn and use a new/enhanced tool are both part of determining _______ we will be training.
  • Scope
    You will determine the ________ of a project by discovering how many people will be affected, what is changing, how it is changing and why it requires training. This will ensure successful delivery
  • Footprint
    You must also establish if this change will impact customers in the Charter _______, and how it will impact them.
  • Timeline
    Asking when a technical enhancement will be tested and deployed will help you establish a ___________ for training.
  • Availability
    Looking at an audience's _____________ will determine how and when you will deploy training.
  • ALEP
    Gate 2 of the ______ model establishes scope the of a training initiative
  • Functional groups managers
    Who is responsible for working Gate 2 of the ALEP model?