Jim Ellis Sales Employee Exam

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Sales Exam

Jim Ellis Sales Employee Exam

True or False?

  • Jim Ellis uses a Customer Retention Management tool to capture and follow our sales prospects. Failure to comply with Jim Ellis CRM Policies and Procedures is not an option, and can result in termination.

In which cases is an IRS Form 8300 or a meeting with the General Manager appropriate?

  • Client comes in and pays $5,700 cash for a used vehicle.
  • Client comes in and pays $7,150 down to hold a vehicle, a few days later comes in and pays $3,000 to complete the sale.
  • Client comes in with $9,900 cash for a used vehicle, you notice the top few bills were obviously rolled up and have a white powder residue.
  • Client asks what the lowest price we can do without filing with the IRS?
  • Client has a down payment of $6,000 and finances another $18,000 to purchase a truck.
  • Client agrees to a sale price of $57,000. The next day he shows up with to grocery bag full of $1s and $5s.
  • Client comes in with with $6,500 cash from a shoe-box that smells very suspiciously like marijuana.
  • Client comes in and trades in his BMW for $18,000, and finances the rest of the new car.
  • Client comes in and sells his used Porsche for $25,999. Comes back inthe morning with $25,999 in cash and uses that money for a down payment on a new Maserati.

You have just started your Demonstration Drive with a customer, driven off the lot and pulled over with the air conditioning running so the car stays cool and let the customer into the driver's seat. Which actions are appropriate?

  • Get out and politely open the door for the customer to exit and walk around to the driver's seat.
  • Unlock the doors, turn off the car, grab the keys and open the door for the client, enter the car, and hand the client the keys.
  • Turn off the car, hand the keys over to the client and go open the door for them.
  • Turn off the vehicle, get out, toss the keys a minimum of 20 yards away, open the door for the client, and retrieve the keys.

Put the Test Drive steps in order...

  • Log the customer into CRM.
  • Make a copy of the Client's Drivers License and Insurance. Ensure the information matches the Client, and annotate the vehicle stock number and the time of departure on the copy.
  • Leave copies at the dealership with the Sales Manager.
  • Drive the Client off of the lot.
  • At a predesignated spot commence driver switch.
  • Lead the customer through the designated demonstration route. Answering questions, and monitoring the drivers ability as needed.
  • Ensure the client pulls forward into a designated parking spot.

Identity Theft

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires dealers to develop and implement a written identity theft prevention program that is designed to detect, prevent and mitigate Identity Theft. What Jim Ellis document would provide you with information on this subject?  

How long do you have to address a discrepancy with your pay check?

  • One week after delivery of the check.
  • 60 days, with the exception of commission which extends until 90 days.
  • 30 Days from receiving your check.
  • 3 months, no exceptions.
  • Before the start of the new fiscal year.
  • Legally obliged to keep records open for 3 years or termination, whichever is sooner.

What are the possible and definite outcomes of not using your CRM?

  • Nothing. (It's a tool. I can use it if I want, but I don't have to.)
  • Loss of Job
  • Loss of commission
  • Loss of your significant other
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Loss of the offender's left pinky finger.
  • Bread and Water only for a week.

Which statements are True?

  • An Odometer Disclosure is only required on trade-ins.
  • You will only get paid for a pre-owned deal, when the deal is completely done, and all ROs are accounted for.
  • You can get paid commission if the only thing missing is the Title on the trade in vehicle.
  • The Buyers Order is required to be complete before receiving any commissions.

Which of these are ways to find out how you're doing as a Salesperson?

  • Informal Review
  • Ask your Peers.
  • Formal Annual Review
  • Compare your sales to competitor salespeople.
  • Study you CSI report.

Where would you find the information below in the handbook?

Dress Code?  

Paid Sick Leave  

FMLA Regulations  

Use of Dealership Equipment and Property 

Anytime a client pays cash for a vehicle the cash must be counted by three individuals and sealed in a signed envelope. What three individuals are required?

  • General Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Cashier
  • Sales Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Billing Clerk

True and False

  • A client comes in to look at a few different models. It is the best practice to get the keys for all of the cars together to present to the client.