Introduction to clearing music at the BBC

This course will aim to take you through the basics of music copyright and how to clear music the BBC way. Simple. Want to use this track in your work? This course will show you how.


Understand what music copyright is and why it is important

What is music copyright?

What is music copyright?

History of PPL

PRS stands for

PPL stands for

Which of the below do you use to check composer, writer and music publisher rights?

How do we know what music is clearable?

How does it work at the BBC?

Complete the missing words in the clearance process below

You can use a FastClear request for background/ incidental music

I can use FastClear to clear for public service use on third party website such as YouTube

The only time you can do a Fast clearance for library music is if the label appears on the MCPS list

What is the blanket agreement and why is it relevant to my work?

The blanket agreement- what to know

Which of the below do you use to check composer rights?

Look at the statements below and answer whether they are True or False

What if the music I want isn't covered by the blanket agreement?

What do I do if my music isn't on the blanket agreement with the BBC?

How do we clear music the BBC way?

The process we should follow at the BBC is listed below.

Add the correct tool you should use for points 1-2 and 3-4

  • FastClear

That' the end of the introductory course to clearing music. The next course will take you through how use FastClear! Enjoy!