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Altis Police Department Induction

Arresting / Processing

Arresting / Processing

Restraining/cuffing members of the public. 

Having the ability to perform a legal arrest is a quality that the APD expects from all of its officers. The APD has privileged rights in which they may restrain an individual in a large variety of circumstances, (referred to as being 'detained') that inevitably is a fundamental element to placing an individual under arrest. As an officer of the Altis Police Department regardless of rank, you have the constitutionally granted right to detain individuals for ≤ 30 mins and no greater. Restraining / detaining an individual is very different to placing an individual under arrest. You may detain an individual should they be involved in any incident (in relation to the personal safety of yourselves and the community) or be exposed to an adequate level of risk. Remember as a member of the Altis Police Department you have a duty of care for all. 


[Shift] + [R] = Restrain / detain a suspect/individual. 

[Windows_Key] + (menu select 'Unrestrain') = Unrestrain an individual. 

How to issue a fine?

Not all offenses require people to go to jail. Some offenses can be more serious than others. For example, we may compare murder and littering. Littering isn't a jailable offense whereas murder is a jailable offense.

Content Review


  • Restrain an Individual
    [Shift] + [R]
  • Unrestrain an Individual
    [Windows_Key] + (menu select 'Unrestrain')
  • Siren
    [Shift] + [F]
  • Horn
  • Emergency Lights
    [Shift] + [L]