Onboarding Course

Hello and welcome to goPuff University. Unlike other universities you may have attended, we pay YOU to be here and become part of our Customer Service Department!

When you've finished taking this semester, you will have learned:

Lets get Puff'ed up!

What is goPuff?

What is goPuff?

Here at goPuff, we strive to create and take over a new market in the industry:

  • On demand delivery service, modeled after traditional C-Stores
  • Provide the highest quality products and selection, delivered to our customers Fast AF
  • Make your every day trips out for snacks and needs more efficient
  • Create more time in your day by delivering your essentials to your door step


Our mission:goPuff is an on-demand delivery service application created by Millennials for Millennials. We understand that in today’s world, convenience is key. Between work, school and everything else, there’s not always the time or money to run to the store, and with goPuff, there doesn’t need to be. We deliver what you need, when you need it, and all it takes is a few clicks.

Our vision:

Goodbye convenience store. Hello goPuff!


Why we do what we do.

Where can I get goPuff?

goPuff is a industry creator more than a leader. We have revolutionized the C-Store and delivery service. As of right now, we have 23 locations across the United States. 

  • Portland 
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Austin
  • Denver
  • Madison
  • Evanston
  • Chicago
  • Campaign-Urbana
  • Bloomington
  • Lafayette
  • Columbus
  • Atlanta
  • Pittsburgh
  • State College
  • Center City Philadelphia
  • North East Philadelphia
  • Manayunk
  • Newark (DE)
  • Washington D.C.
  • Syracuse
  • Boston

Who is goPuff? Well, we all have a part in goPuff!

Who's who?

Who's who at goPuff?

From left to right, it is Bogdan Mendryshora, one of the first drivers at goPuff. He is now the Chief of Staff, and the founders right hand. Next, is Yakir Gola, he is one of the co-founders, and the one of the pair who had the only car that got the idea rolling. Next is Rafael Ilishayev, the other co-founder of goPuff, and Yakirs roommate through college at Drexel. 

A day in the life of a Customer Service Agent


Customer Service Policies

Here at goPuff in the Customer Service Department, we have some policies and guidelines to follow for each and every agent and position within the department. You will also have access to these policies through our Zendesk Guide and will receive a physical copy to sign off on, acknowledging that you have read and received them. 

Customer Service Attendance Policy

What falls under this policy?

This policy will cover calls outs (both excused and unexcused), lateness’s, early leave situations, switching shifts, overtime, and No Call No Show situations.

  • Call outs fall under 2 categories. First is excused (doctors note, medical emergency, death in the family) with supporting documentation. Second is unexcused, or anything not covered with appropriate and supporting documentation.
  • Lateness’s will be defined as not available to take phone calls and answer emails from your workstation at the beginning of your scheduled shift. The same applies to early leave, you are to work until the conclusion of your scheduled shift.
  • All Overtime (OT) has to be directly approved by a supervisor/manager/director. If you work past your scheduled hours, and it is not approved prior to the shift, you WILL NOT be paid for that time.
  • If you need to switch a shift with another employee, BOTH employees must email the Director/Manager in customer service with the shift they will be working, and who is covering their shift. It must then be approved by the manager/director before the schedule change will take effect.
  • If an employee does not show up for their shift, nor do they call to inform the supervisor/manager/director, they will be considered a No Call No Show. If you are a No Call No Show, and that is grounds for immediate termination upon managements discretion.

What happens if I don’t follow this policy?

All employees that do not abide by this policy will be subject to progressive disciplinary action. This will include, and up to termination, of any employee who does not abide by the policy set below. The policy for multiple offenses will be as follows:

  • The first occurrence is a verbal warning. This will be delivered and signed for, along with a follow up email recapping the conversation.
  • Second occurrence is a written warning. This will be delivered and signed by the employee and manager, with a follow up email CC’ing HR as well.
  • Third occurrence is a Final written warning. This will be delivered and signed by the employee and manager, with a follow up email CC’ing HR as well.
  • Fourth occurrence is Termination. This will be done by the direct manager along with HR and end your term of employment.

Human Resources and the Director of the call center, along with GoBrands Inc. reserve the right to amend and utilize this policy at will, and assess the situation and assign the necessary course of action without written notice to the Contact Center Employees. 

Refund Structure and Policy

How do I go about offering a Voucher instead of a refund?

Every customer complain that comes in, our first step should be to attempt to resolve the issue. The first offer of ANY compensation should be to offer a voucher towards a future order with GoPuff. When the customer calls in for missing /damaged items, we should first evaluate the customers information and order, to see if the voucher should be offered for resolution for the specified issue. That information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Voucher amount will be less than the full order value (cancellation) or less than $25.
  • Customers order and overall value of the products damaged or missing.
  • Customers order history, and value to company (Puff Points: 1 point= $1 spent).
  • Level of dis-satisfaction with our company/product/service.

When do I offer a refund instead of a voucher?

Not all customers will accept the voucher option for multiple reasons (i.e. angry/upset, does not plan to return to GoPuff, high value of the missing items, ect.), and this will serve as to how to make that determination. BEFORE offering any amount of a refund, it should fall under the constraints below, as to ensure that we are offering the voucher option first, and foremost.

The constraints to offering a refund are as follows:

  • Customer was offered the voucher for specified value, and refused.
  • Customer is extremely irate and demanding a refund for specified products.
  • Refund is approved by leadership staff BEFORE offering it to the customer (shift lead, supervisor, manager, or director).

Daily Shift Responsibilities

These are to be completed by Day shift agents before 8pm at the latest, and by Night shift agents by 8am at the latest.

  • ALL LAPTOPS must be locked (Windows key + L will lock the screen) when leaving your work station for any reason!
  • When leaving for the end of your shift, ensure the battery is charged on the laptop (or plugged in to charge) and the laptop is locked and closed. There should be NO laptops open and unlocked at the end of any shift. 
  • Ensure that the work space is clean, cleared off, and prepared for the next incoming Agent and shift.
  • Complete ALL emails and respond to all customers before the next agent/shift arrives. This includes tickets assigned to another agent that may not be in for the next shift. We should respond to all those customers as well, so they are not waiting for hours, or even days for a response and resolution.
  • Make sure all trash is in the trashcan, and if the bag is full, take it out and put it in the kitchen trash our outside to the dumpster.
  • Answer all incoming calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. There should be no reason for a customer to have to call back multiple times.
  • Make sure all orders that were discussed were added to the refund list, and that a Shift Lead or higher is aware of any issues that arose during your shift.
  • Inform the next shift if there is a customer that needs a resolution, follow up, or additional information that you will not be able to gather before the end of your shift.
  • Respond to ALL social media complaints before leaving for your shift end.
  • Call all stops, order cancelations, and OOZ orders BEFORE your shift is up, and ensure each order is cancelled and added to the refund list as needed.

 Check with delivery ops to ensure there are no 3rd party orders or anything that is needed from Delivery Ops.

Where is...

Where to find what—and whom

As a new employee, you want to be able to find your way round, so you can find the places you need to go and the people you need to see. 

We're here to help, and provide any information you are missing.

Most of what you need should already be in the call center and at your desk, ready for you to utilize the tools at hand! 

  • To the left of the call center door is most of corporate, with HR and IT in the middle, and to the far left is finance, and business growth and development teams. 
  • To our right is a majority of the marketing team, and Taylor Goldman, whom you will see and hear quite often, especially regarding social media questions and our goPuff voice. 
  • In the offices we have Dan Folkman, who is in charge of our vendor relationships. Then Wootang Financial, with Jake Wooten running his team for finance. Then Yakir and Rafael, who are the co-founders and owners of goPuff. 
  • Downstairs, is our Operations managers, lead by Dan Fekete, and our warehouse and delivery drivers. 
  • And at the end of the block, is our wonderful Beer Store (goBeer) run by Nafees Baig, the store manager down for our beer store guys. 

Anything that you are missing or is not working correctly (phones, laptops, chargers, internet issues, Zendesk issues) please let me know, and I will ensure we get that all taken care of as soon as possible.