Heidi Plus - Lead Contact Data Protection Refresher Training

This online module has been designed to refresh Lead contacts in their responsibilities and use of Heidi Plus in accordance with the requirements set out by HESA. 

Introduction to Heidi Plus

Heidi Plus Overview


The Data available in Heidi Plus

Data Sources Video


Select a data source that would be found in the silver data source project?

  • Aggregate Offshore record Data
  • Higher Education Business Communication Interaction Survey (HEB-CI)

Select data source that would be found in the Gold data source project?

  • Destinations Data
  • Estates Data

Scenario - You are planning on completing some business intelligence focusing on differences between overall income against expenditure at your institution. Would you be using the Silver or Gold Data project to complete this analysis?

  • The GOLD data project
  • The SILVER data project

Heidi Plus Levels of Access

Access Roles Video


Identify two projects Bronze Users can access.

  • HESA Dashboards and the Heidi Plus Support Centre.
  • HESA Dashboards and Personal Workbooks.

A Lead Contact is automatically assigned the role of Gold user.

  • False
  • True

Scenario- A member of your team requests Heidi Plus access to track your institution's recent graduate's destinations. Would you grant Silver or Gold user access to this colleague?

  • Silver User access
  • Gold User access.

Extracting Gold Unrounded Data from the Heidi Plus Environment

Extracting Data Video


Choose a legitimate reason from below for extracting Gold Unrounded data for use on your own business intelligence tool.

  • Analysis cannot be completed using Heidi Plus
  • You wish to store Heidi Plus data on your own system for future analysis.

Is it recommended to share visualisations containing Gold un-rounded data with other Gold users at your organisation outside of the Heidi Plus environment?

  • Yes
  • No

Scenario - You are required to retain some Gold unrounded data for future analysis according to your organisation's retention policy. Is this permissible?

  • Yes
  • No

The Data Protection Act

Data Protection Act Video


According to the Data Protection Act, data must be processed following which two principles?

  • Data must be processed fairly and lawfully.
  • Data must be processed fairly and within a stated time frame.

From Principle 3 of the Data Protection Act. The data must be adequate, ................ and not excessive for the purposes.

  • detailed
  • relevant

Scenario - A student currently at your institution contacts you requesting access to all the data held about them. How do you respond in regards to Heidi Plus?

  • You inform the student that the data is not available unless you are a University employee.
  • You provide the student with the text contained in the organisational agreement.