Aqua PC Pre-Quiz

Computer Parts Quiz

Core Section

Which of the following aren't used interchangeably with "video card"?

  • graphics card
  • gpu
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • sound card

Which of the following is virtually universally compatible among all modern motherboards regardless of the motherboard's and device's models?  (in other words, which of these can you buy without having to research compatibility?)

  • RAM
  • CPU
  • SSD
  • Heatsink

Which of the following must you never dunk in liquid, even nonconductive liquid?

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • HDD
  • RAM

Similarly, which of the following should be kept outside of the liquid tank if possible, due to unnecessary overheating?

  • SSD
  • PSU
  • GPU
  • CPU fan

Using this PC Part builder link (, which two parts are known to be directly incompatible with each other?

  • a) RAM and CPU
  • b) CPU cooler and motherboard
  • c) Motherboard and CPU
  • d) Motherboard and RAM
  • e) Storage device and motherboard

What's a card in the context of a computer?

  • Virtual Currency
  • credit card sized device that amplify's your computer's power
  • a microscopic chip
  • a large circuit board that extends your computer's capabilities

What is a graphic's card's main purpose

  • assisting a graphics designer by providing tracings
  • making cgi/special effects for movies
  • sending output from your computer into your monitor

Which of the following are not analogous to each other (which don't serve the same purpose)?

  • graphics card/video card
  • RAM/volatile memory
  • solid state drive/hard drive
  • CPU/Desktop Computer


What does GPU stand for?

What is the CPU?

What's RAM?

What's the PSU?

What is love?

What is an SSD?