SECTION A: How to ENTER your Clock-IN / Clock-OUT Corrections from ESS


Who can use this Procedure?

This step-by-step procedure is only for users:

1.   Who already have access to Employee Self-Service (ESS), also known as SAP HCM Portal.

2.  Who want to regularise their attendance on a date (or dates) that have unpaired or missing

      Clock-INs or Clock-OUTs due to biometric failure or other known and acceptable reason.

Please note the following:

  • Evidence of biometric failure or employee’s actual presence at work on such date(s) should be approved by the line Manager within the system, without which such attendance will not be regularised and may result in Loss of Pay (LoP) for the shift(s) in question.
  • Clock-IN / Clock-OUT corrections functionality in ESS is NOT meant for modifying the Time-IN, Time-OUT which are automatically captured by the biometrics readers. Instead, it is meant for creating missing Clock-IN/OUTs or removing unpaired ‘legs’ for effective Time Evaluation. Always remember: in case of biometric failure, evidence should always be adduced.
  • General Payroll employees without ESS access can have their clock-IN/OUT corrections done through their respective Supervisors, HCM or Time Administrators.

The SAP Portal Link

You can access the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Logon screen through the KCM Intranet

Logon the SAP HCM Portal

In the Employee Self-Service tab

If you logged in successfully, follow the steps in the screenshots below…

First of all, take a prior check of your Clock-INs / Clock-OUTs to ascertain which ones are already captured or missing in the SAP system

Locate the Clock-In / Out Corrections link

Checking the Missing Clock-INs/OUTs

First of all, take a prior check to ascertain which Clock-Ins / Clock-Outs are missing in the SAP system

In this example below, you will notice that the 07:20hrs Clock-IN for Monday, 30th May 2016 is missing.  Step#3 (in the next slide), onwards, shows how to enter a Clock-IN / Clock-OUT correction.