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Believe it or not, customer service is the backbone of any company. Sales team members may spend weeks working with a customer to get them on board, but what keeps customers coming back is how they're treated by customer service and tech support. How you interact with customers determines the success of the entire company. 

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What's the purpose?

Communication is Key!

Active Listening

Active Listening

Active Listening is easily one of the most important tools for effective communication and also one of the easiest to forget about, especially if you're actively troubleshooting with a customer. Read this article on the importance of active listening and learn some techniques to use when speaking on the phone that could also be used virtually. 

Active Listening

Impacts of Customer Service

The Impact of Customer Service

We may not think about how support service impacts the company as a whole. But here's a secret. If we're not hearing anything, it doesn't mean we're doing awesome. Silence is usually a sign of customers slipping away. Bad experiences stick and have greater impact than OK experiences. Read the infographic for more. 

The Impact of Customer Service

What's the Difference?

Let's see what you learned!

Multiple Choice Quiz

A customer calls in who is unable to access their data. You've never handled a ticket like this before and are unsure of what to do. What steps do you take next? 

  • I explain that i don't know what to do and escalate the call to my supervisor
  • I explain that I'm here to help and need a couple of minutes to find the most appropriate solution
  • I skip the ticket and let someone else handle it

Multiple Choice Quiz

There are a lot of simple things we can do to impact the customer experience, select the best choice from the options below.

  • Provide a solution as fast as possible
  • Say please and thank you
  • End the call quickly
  • Nod as the customer is speaking to acknowledge what they're saying

Fill in the blank...

The success of LightEdge starts with . When a frustrated customer calls, they are not frustrated with , they are just looking for . I can help communicate more effectively with the customer by using . When communicating through email, I should remember to  and  the actions being taken. 

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