Lennox Promotions


Welcome to the Lennox Promotions support team. We are so happy to have you here.

In this online course, you will be guided through the different promotions that we run and client - specific information regarding the set up in the 360 system. There will be quick assessments throughout the training to ensure you are fully capturing the data. I would recommend making your own notes through the process, however, this course will be available to be logged back into. 

 If at any time you have questions, or feel you need a bit more information, please speak to your Team Lead. 


Ready, Set, Lennox! 

Introduction to Lennox

Lennox Overview

Dedicated Phone Support

We have one dedicated support line for homeowners and dealers. Depending on the prompt they choose, they will be directed to the SA line or the rebates line.

Contact center hours: M-F 8:30am - 9pm S-S 9am-5pm


Dedicated E-mail Support

We have three boxes dedicated to Lennox Promotions: 


(homeowners and inquiries regarding consumer rebates. 24 SLA)

[email protected]


(TM/Dealer and Comfort Adviser questions. 4 hour SLA)

[email protected]


(ONLY for client interaction. 4 hour SLA)

[email protected]

Thank you for calling Lennox Promotions! 

Those calling into the Lennox help line are predominately the dealer or the Territory Manager. Lennox dealers often offer a white-gloved service to their homeowners and enter rebates on their behalf

Comfort Advisors

Lennox refers to their Sales Associates as Comfort Advisers - and you should too!

Who can send e-mails to [email protected]?

  • This box is meant for Comfort Advisers and Dealers only
  • This box is meant for the client only
  • Anyone! Even my grandma!

Lennox Programs

The Basics


A customer calls looking for rebate information, can we give it to them?

  • Yes - absolutely. We have 10 different programs he can choose from!
  • No - absolutely not. Under no circumstances will I ever give any information to a caller
  • No, we cannot share any information with the caller UNLESS they already have a rebate in the system.

Consumer Rebates


Hold reasons

Common calls and questions

How to handle difficult questions