WE SERVE Refresher (Classroom)

During this course, you will:

Introduction to WE SERVE

What is WE SERVE?

WE SERVE is VillaSport's customer service mission. It is how we provide 5-star service not only to our members, but to each other here at the club.

  • WE SERVE identifies our customer service standards and goals 
  • The very name “WE SERVE” describes what we do and why we’re here – to serve others 
  • WE SERVE gets us all talking a common language 
  • WE SERVE helps define our company culture


Customer service is our most important competitive advantage

There are a variety of ways we get feedback on how our members view us.

  •  NPS Scores through Medallia 
  • Secret Shop Reports 
  • Facebook 
  • Yelp 
  • Member Comments/Emails

Our Foundation

Our Foundation of the WE SERVE culture are the 4 Pillars:


“VillaSport is the only place where fitness, family and community all come together.”


VillaSport is a place where members can achieve their FITNESS goals and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.




"VillaSport is a place where FAMILIES can connect and reach their full potential. "


A place that creates a sense of COMMUNITY within our walls and that contributes to our local COMMUNITY outside our walls.


We want VillaSport to be the best part of our members’ day and strive to the five-star resort style experience

Our job is to make VillaSport the BEST part of our members’ day.

All employees are equally important, and all employees are equally responsible.

You will often see the GM, AGM and directors folding towels, and picking up garbage. We are all responsible for this beautiful facility, no matter what your job is.

The 5 Senses

Our Responsibility

It is important to try and engage these 5 sense every day.

Sense of Purpose

You have to believe in VillaSport and what it stands for. 

  • To be the only place where fitness, family and community all come together. 
  • To be the best part of our members’ day 
  • To provide an overall experience that people can’t get elsewhere.
  • To be a place that help people lead happier, healthier lifestyles.

Sense of Pride

You must have a strong desire to do whatever it takes to exceed our standards. You must have pride in your work, and we all currently do, from Housekeeping to the Office of the General Manager.

Sense of Urgency

Urgency is important. Our members expect a certain level of service.

We must have a gut-level determination to move, act, achieve…now.

What urgency is NOT

Anxiety; a flurry of unproductive behavior; sacrificing quality for speed; running around acting stressed-out

What urgency IS: 

Showing purposeful hustle in your walk and demeanor; coming to work each day determined to achieve something important; keeping conversations short and on-point; taking care of things on the spot and not procrastinating

Sense of Joy

We ask that all of our employees show joy in your work - a genuine display of happiness and delight carrying out your daily duties.

How do you show JOY at work? 

  • By smiling and being in a great mood 
  • By genuinely enjoying what you do 
  • By doing what you do best and using your strengths 
  • By acting happy to be here 
  • By demonstrating a can-do spirit 
  • By being appreciative and grateful for the opportunity to work in a great place

Sense of Optimism

A cheerful, positive outlook is an important trait for our employees. Keeping that optimism is important when talking and interacting with members.

Optimism can be exhibited in many forms:

  • Assuming the best in every person and in every situation 
  • When confronted by a tough situation, perceiving it as a challenge and trying harder 
  • In words and actions, showing belief in a positive future for yourself, our club and our company 
  • Displaying a positive attitude 

You have 100% control over your attitude 100% of the time.

What are the 5-Senses?

  • Sense of Purpose
    An unwavering belief in what VillaSport stands for
  • Sense of Pride
    A strong desire to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed our standards
  • Sense of Urgency
    A gut level determination to move, act, achieve...now
  • Sense of Joy
    A genuine display of happiness and delight in carrying out our mission and your daily duties
  • Sense of Optimism
    A win-win mentality and a cheerfully positive outlook


Welcoming and Safe Environment

We provide a bright and sparkling clean and safe facility 

  • Clean encompasses neat, uncluttered, organized, properly lined up, in good condition, fully functioning 

We have a warm and inviting atmosphere 

  • People feel welcome right away 
  • This is a place they fit in and can feel at home

The Easy Way or the Hard Way

"People will choose to be in a place where they feel comfortable."

Goal: To increase awareness of creating and maintaining a customer-friendly environment.


You should discover that by the end of the game, most people are in the fourth box (having normal conversation). The learning point here is that all else being equal, customers will choose to be in the environment that is easiest and most pleasant for them.



  • What can the group do for customers to improve the environments in which they provide service?
  • Are there practices currently in place that customers find irritating?


Engaging Hospitality

Our superstar employees love to engage with members 

  • Storybook 
  • Create conversations

Offering help and support



Every day, something special happens at VillaSport. Triumphs, friendships, new beginnings, outstanding achievements and shared memories are all part of the VillaSport experience.

Our team strives to make VillaSport the best part of every member's day, with friendly service, genuine caring, and random acts of kindness. We love creating "magic moments" for members and going above and beyond expectations.

The VillaSport Story Book highlights just a few of the stories of "magic" our members have shared with us.


Barb is a force to be reckoned with. She brings out the absolute best in you every time you train with her. I walk into the gym knowing that I am going to surprise myself with what I am capable of. I was motivated the day I signed up for the first round of sessions with Barb. I knew I needed a change and for the first time, felt I was ready to invest the money. I had no idea that initial investment would mean more than losing pounds or inches. My four months working with Barb were more about gaining than losing. I gained confidence in my abilities. She pushed me past what I considered my limits every session. She did it in a way that made me feel capable and confident. I gained a love of the gym and working out. I looked forward to every session and seeing my improvements. I gained a friend who was honestly invested in my life and my success. I cannot say enough positive things about Barb and her enthusiasm for her clients and her craft. Whoever works with her will truly be better for it.

“Marcie in VillaKids is hands-down the most dedicated employee VillaSport has. She takes such great care of my children and has become very special to our family. I was concerned about leaving my youngest son in VillaKids, and she took him and made sure he felt safe and secure. Now my son only wants Marcie! She is wonderful!”

Techniques on Building Rapport and Getting to Know Members 

Chances are you always use some of these techniques without realizing it. Click on the below techniques to learn more about how you can consistently build rapport with our members.

Although some interactions can be tough, we all have the ability to provide great experience for our customers, and most customers are looking for these things when they approach us. Take these qualities into your next few customer conversations, and remember how these best practices can work to create truly happy customers.

Write Customer Letters

  1. Think of a customer you serviced the other day. Have each participant share the customer's name, their most recent purchase/experience, and what they needed help with.
  2. Have the group compose thank you letters to VillaSport from the perspective of the customer. Imagine how this interaction made the customer's day better.
  3. Have volunteers share their letters.

Smiles and Greeting

We genuinely smile in every interaction 

  • We smile first 
  • We smile with our whole face

We offer warm greetings and parting wishes 

  • In every department, we give a friendly greeting to members we encounter 
  • As members depart, we offer a friendly goodbye  

We use the 15/5 rule 

  • At 15 feet away, we smile and make eye contact 
  • At 5 feet away, we say hello

You Had Me at "Hello" and "Good-Bye"


  1. Split participants into groups.
  2. Have one person be the author. For one-minute, have the teams collaborate on the many ways to say "Hello" and a friendly goodbye.
  3. Have each team share what they came up with. The team with the most combined warm greetings and parting wishes will win a prize.

Everyone is a VIP

We deliver personalized service 

  • Our members feel like a unique person, not a “number”, at our club

We roll out the red carpet for all 

  • No judgments – every person of every size, color, age, etc. is welcome and appreciated at our club

We get to know members and their preferences 

  • We know member names and we use them at every opportunity 
  • We make recommendations and suggestions based on preferences


Find ways to offer alternatives to any request no matter how ridiculous. Nobody likes to hear about what they can’t have. Customers feel move valued if you provide suggestions and alternatives.

Random Acts of Kindness

We provide encouragement and express appreciation 

We thank members every day when they:
  • Purchase something, make a suggestion, complete a survey, attend an event, refer a member, bring a guest – we find reasons to thank people 

We are cheerleaders and spread joy 

  • We acknowledge and celebrate member achievements, victories and milestones
  • We look for ways to compliment people

We delight people unexpectedly 

  • We do nice things for people with nothing expected in return

Very Crisp Conduct and Language

We are polite and courteous 

  • We address people properly and avoid jargon, slang or clichés 
  • We show empathy and strive to see things from the member’s point of view 

 We show respect for others

  • We listen with our full attention 
  • We always follow up and do what we say we’ll do 

We are crisply dressed and impeccably groomed

  •  We wear our uniform with pride; our clothes are clean, pressed and well-fitting 
  • We look neat, polished and professional every day


Which employee(s) would you prefer to do business with?

Information Connection

Purpose: To illustrate the difficulty of communicating information when there is noise in the process.

Goal: To encourage customer service representatives to ask questions to confirm information.

Materials Needed: Pen and paper for each participant.

Time: 15 minutes


This game allows for several points to be made:

  1. It is important to verify information.
  2. It is hard to keep track of a lot of details in your head, which is why it is a good idea to take advantage of any tools provided in the workplace to improve accuracy. It would have been much easier to keep the message straight if the original card were passed to each person to read.
  3. The more familiar we are with a subject, the easier it is to keep information straight.


  • How do you currently confirm information you hear from customers?
  • What could you do better?
  • Where do you most often see communication breakdowns?

Exceeding Expectations

We solve problems on the spot 

Whenever and wherever possible, we take care of member issues immediately 

We take ownership of problems and see them through to resolution

We go the extra mile 

We know the value of a membership and we act accordingly

HEARD Role Play

Disney handles over 135 million customers in their parks each year, so customer service isn't something they take lightly.

The technique Disney has developed to train customer services representatives on how to handle angry customers is called HEARD:



What is Medallia?

As we mentioned before, there are a number of methods we use to track customer satisfaction.

VillaSport uses a customer service software called Medallia that improves the customer experience. It is based off of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) that many other businesses, mainly in hospitality, use.

All of the leadership team receive daily reports of customer feedback and respond within 48-hours.

Club Goals


Club Goals

  • Net Promoter Score of 54 or better 
  • Overall Cleanliness Average Score of 9.0 or better 
  • Overall Friendliness Average Score of 9.3 or better


Survey Results


As mentioned in the video, the survey sent to members asks them:

"How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?"

Their ratings are then assigned in the following categories:


Detractors are ratings of 6 or below. This means they are not too happy about the service. They will probably not purchase again from the company, and could possibly damage the company's reputation through negative word of mouth.


Passives gave a score of 7 or 8. They are somewhat satisfied, but could easily still switch to a competitor when given the opportunity. They probably won’t spread any negative word of mouth, but are not enthusiastic enough to promote our club.


Promoters answer a 9 or 10. They love the company’s services. They are repeat buyers and enthusiastic members that will recommend the company products. Sometimes their responses are short, sweet and to the point.

How are ratings assigned?

  • Passive - Ratings 7 or 8
    They are somewhat satisfied, but could easily still switch to a competitor when given the opportunity. They probably won’t spread any negative word of mouth, but are not enthusiastic enough to promote our club.
  • Promoter - Ratings 9 or 10
    They love the company’s services. They are repeat buyers and enthusiastic members that will recommend the company products. Sometimes their responses are short, sweet and to the point.
  • Detractor - Ratings 6 or below
    They are not too happy about the service. They will probably not purchase again from the company, and could possibly damage the company's reputation through negative word of mouth.

Put Yourself in the Customer's Shoes

This improvisation game is tailored towards customer service. You divide the team in couples, with group A playing the customers and group B playing the service reps.


The people in Group A play angry customers. They are either handed a certain complaint, or can think of one themselves (think ridiculous complaints, e.g. “the water was too wet”). Also, they are given a certain goal – to get big refund, for example.

The service reps in Group B are given the task to resolve the situation. They, too, have a goal – to calm down the customer and minimize the damage as much as possible. They might not be allowed to give a refund, for example, but are allowed to give away drink or a few weeks of free service.


The couples then perform their role play in front of the group. The performers are encouraged to be creative, especially the customers. It’s fun for them to play the extreme customer, but do encourage them to stay reasonable. Like in all improvisation, the participants should build on what their partners say or do. It’s a conversation, not a shout-out.

After the role play, the rest of the group can give feedback – e.g. what the service rep could have done differently to minimize the damage.


This is a useful exercise for both groups. The service rep gets a thorough exercise in conflict resolution, while the ones playing the customers get a training in empathy – filling the shoes of the customers they engage with on a daily basis.

It’s also fun for the group to recognize typical arguments and dilemmas they encounter in everyday life.


Moments of Truth

Insert Moments of Truth Video

Create videos on how each department will practice WE SERVE.


Club Care


Food and Beverage

Group Exercise

Member Services

Membership Experience



Looking Ahead

Our Role