CCIS- Chemical Dilution Fundamentals

Course Overview & Introduction

What is Chemical Dilution?

Why Take This Course?

Different Dispenser Examples

Work Order Request Examples

Course Outline

Learning Objectives

Equipment Components

Dispenser Overview

Manifold & Back Plate

Water Supply Hose & Inlet Screen


Metering Tips & Connector Barbs

Product Tubing

Mating Caps & Throat Plugs


Discharge Tubing

Concepts & Theories

Basic Workings of Chemical Dilution Equipment

Venturi Effect

Open Loop Systems

Closed Loop Systems

Chemical Dilution Installation

Required Tools & Supplies

Installation Environments

Selecting a Mounting Location

Preparing the Mounting Location

Prepping the Unit

Mounting the Unit

Connecting to Water Supply

Add-On Faucet Kit (Where Applicable)

Running Product Tubing

Running Discharge Tubing

Sanitizer Testing

Chemical Dilution Preventative Maintenance

Required Tools & Supplies

Ensure Proper Mounting Location

Check for Water Leaks

Replace Inlet Water Strainer

Inspect Metering Tips

Inspect Dispenser Buttons

Test Eductors

Replace Stickers

Inspect Mating Caps/ Throat Plugs (if Closed Loop)

Inspect Foot Valve (if Open Loop)

Replace Product Tubing

Inspect Discharge Tubing

Check Spray Bottles

Check Product Racks

Inspect Hand Care Dispensers  (If Applicable)

Chemical Dilution Reactive Service

Required Tools & Supplies

Product Not Dispensing

Product Over Dispensing

Sanitizer Testing Under 200 PPM

Sanitizer Testing Over 200 PPM

Discharge Hoses Need Replacement

Dispenser Leaks Water

Dispenser Leaks Chemical

Missing Spare Parts Kit

Dispenser Buttons Are Broken

Y Valve Leaks Water

Unit Dispenses Non Stop