Winter Room

This course will teach about the 1990 book, The Winter Room, by Gary Paulsen


Why is Wayne disappointed in David?

  • David beat Wayne in the Ax throwing competition.
  • Wayne's favorite horse died
  • David tells Wayne he can throw an Ax and Wayne feels David lied to him
  • Wayne tells outrageous stories

why does Eldon Hate Fall?

How are David and Nels related to Eldon?

  • They are not. They are old men who live with the family.
  • They are his uncles.


What is the winter room used for?

  • Room in the house
    Where stories are told in the winter. Not used most of the year
  • Mother
    Knits and makes mittens and gloves
  • David and Nels
    Fill their lips with snoose
  • Father
    lights the stove.

How does the author use the seasons to break up the story?