Triboo Training Module

Triboo Learning Module

Getting Started

Understanding Types of SFP's User Roles

How To Create New User Accounts in SFP

How To SFP User Role Access

Hierarchy of SFP Placements

Hierarchy of SFP Placements

Phase 1: How To Set Up New Publishers in SFP

Step 1: How To Create A Site

Step 2: How To Create A Placement

Best Practices For Site/Placement Setup

Integration Overview Process

App Integration Overview

Website Integration Overview

Phase 2: How To Integrate Your Sharethrough Web/App Placement

Integrate Your Sharethrough Placement Hardcoded On-Page

Integrate Your Sharethrough Placement Via DFP

Integrate Your Sharethrough Placement Via Any Third-Party Ad Server

Best Practices For Integration Placement

Phase 3: How To Verify And Style Placements

Guiding Design Principles (i.e. Dissection of Native Ad)

Essential Asset Requirements of a Placement

How To Verify and Style

Best Practices For Styling Native Placements

Phase 4: Complete Placement Integration

Complete Your Placement Integration

Ways You Can Monetize Sharethrough through Programmatic Exchange

Talk about how Publishers can traffic Sharethrough's demand through Placements

Mention how publishers can utilize Direct Sell feature to tap their demand and continue to Direct Sell section and Mediation and Private Marketplace

Direct Sell Overview Process

What is Direct Sell?

How does Direct Sell work?

Direct Sell Requirements

Automate DFP For Direct Sell

Types of Direct Sell Creatives

Phase 1: How To Set Up A Direct Sell Campaign

How To Set Up A Flighted Campaign

How To Set Up A Continuous Campaign (possibly getting sunsetted)

How To Set Up A Manual Continuous Campaign Creative

How To Approve Continuous Campaign Creatives

Phase 2: How To Set Up A Direct Sell Creative

How To Set Up A Website Visit Ad

How To Set Up A Content Engagement Ad

How To Set Up A Video Card

How To Set Up An Instant Play Ad

Overview of Mediation

What is Mediation?

How Does Mediation Work?

How To Set Up Mediation on SFP

How To Add Networks To Your Mediation

How To Request New Ad Networks To Mediation

How To Set Up Backfill Through Mediation

Mediation Network FAQs

Viewing Reporting Metrics

Viewing Programmatic Exchange Reports

Viewing Direct Sell Performance by Site

How To Subscribe To Direct Sell Campaign Daily Reports

Viewing Mediation Report

Viewing Billing Report

How To Export Reports