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Want to be an expert in understanding Key Performance Indicators?

Want to know how to give the best customer service experience? 

This course will help you understand what a Key Performance Indicator is and how your behaviors can help you increase those KPIs to drive sales in your store!

This course will also help you understand the SBT Experience and how customer service behaviors help drive sales!

Customer Service is the KEY to getting your customers to COME BACK -- are you giving the best service?

Section 1- Learning about Key Performance Indicators and how they impact SALES

Introduction-What is a KPI?

What is a KPI?

  • Is a metric that shows the current health of the business
  • Inform you where to focus training efforts
  • Measure how effective your training is being received
  • Ability to set goals
  • Indicator to improve business

What KPI's do we measure?

What KPI's do we measure?

  • ADS= Average Dollar Sale
  • UPT= Units Per Transaction
  • AUR= Average Unit Retail

How KPIs are calculated?

  • Average Dollar Sale
    Sales divided by the number of transactions
  • Units Per Transaction
    Qty Sold divided by the number of transactions
  • Average Unit Retail
    Sales divided by the qty sold

Understanding each KPI


Average Dollar Sale is calculated by taking the total sales dollars divided by the number of transactions a store or associate has for a time period


Units Per Transaction is calculated by taking the total number of units sold divided by the total number of transactions a store or associate has for a time period


Average Unit Retail is calculated by taking the total sales dollars divided by the total amount of units sold for the store or associate for a certain time period

Behaviors that impact ADS


Average Dollar Sale is the KPI we track the most as it gives us the best idea of how strong each transaction you complete throughout the day. We can identify opportunities to coach:

  • Selling higher priced items
  • Adding on
  • Help selling brands with higher price points
  • Showing multiple brands
  • Offering additional gift recipients 

Behaviors that impact UPT


Units Per Transaction is used to determine how effective you are at selling multiple brands in one transaction or adding on units in one transaction. The more units we sale the more sales we are driving and identifying what your UPT is gives us opportunities to coach:

  • Are you showing additional product?
  • Are you strong with 4-to-the-floor?
  • Are you creating product bundles for customers?
  • Are you presenting products in multiples?
  • Are you introducing NEW brands?

Behaviors that impact AUR


Average Unit Retail is measured to identify how strong you are at selling higher priced units. It is not easy selling those units that have large price tags, especially when we shop out of our own wallet. What opportunities we look to coach within AUR:

  • Selling higher priced units
  • Start high work low
  • Not selling out of your own wallet
  • Discuss features and benefits--what makes it this price point?

What does ADS stand for?

  • Average Sale Transaction
  • Average Dollar Sale
  • Average Disc State
  • Average Sale Dollar

What does UPT stand for?

  • Unit Per Tally
  • Unit Per Retail
  • Units Per Transaction
  • Units Per Tervis

What does AUR stand for?

  • Auto Unit Rep
  • Average Unit Retail
  • Average Units Recorded
  • Average Unit Remembered

Will showing higher priced items impact ADS and AUR?

  • Showing higher priced items first will help you increase your ADS and AUR
  • We do not show any items to customers

4-to-the-Floor will help increase UPT?

  • By showing 4+ items to each customer you are more likely to get the customer to purchase multiple units which in turn drives UP your UPT which drives up our SALES
  • Showing only one unit will increase UPT

Match the Behavior with the KPI

  • AUR
    Showing a customer a piece of luggage
  • UPT
    Customer comes in to buy a handbag and is shown 4+ coordinating wallet & accessory pieces
  • ADS
    Customer purchase $30 necklace and is introduced to new brand at the register and adds on $30 bracelet = $60 sale

Transactions = Conversion

Transactions = Conversion

In order to impact ANY KPI we MUST turn LOOKERS into BUYERS!

Proceed onto the next course to learn about the SBT Experience and how to turn LOOKERS into BUYERS!

Section 2-OY Experience- Customer Service



Is to offer a warm and WELCOMING environment

We are knowledgeable and engaging product EXPERTS

We make shopping FUN and MEMORABLE

We strive to EXCEED every customers EXPECTATIONS

We create sales and advocacy by proactively using CUSTOMER FIRST

This is what we want to portray with every customer. That we WELCOME them to our EXPERTS in making their trip FUN and MEMORABLE while EXCEEDING their EXPECTATIONS by always putting CUSTOMERS FIRST!



  • Appear BUSY
    • Guests feel more at ease when you are occupied (not talking with other employees)
  • Open body language and SMILE
    • Never cross your arms, keep them to your side and most importantly SMILE!
  • Appropriate music volume
    • Keep the volume a little louder when it's slow and lower when it's busy! Music can set the tone for the shopping experience
  • Be unbiased
    • Never make a preconceived idea about a guests ability to buy
  • Be courteous
    • Always be polite: please and thank you's are a MUST
  • Dress the part
    • Always well put together and following dress code guidelines in the handbook. If you look the part you will get more credit for your knowledge and will be more confident



  • Product Knowledge
    • This is a crucial part of the business= knowing your product. Your manager will go over extensive product knowledge training with you and you will be expected to retain the information and use it to your advantage on the sales floor. Many of our vendors provide training tools and modules for additional product training
  • Be an Active Listener
    • If a customers knows what they want it's always an easy sale! The hard part is the customer who doesn't know what they want and your job is trying to figure out what is going to be BEST for her. Active listening is a big part of what makes youa  good sales person so make sure we are asking follow up questions to what she is asking to better server her


  • Be Attentive
    • You don't want to "hound" the customer but you do always want to be in the vicinity of the customer in case she needs you. You don't want to make the customer feel like she is interrupting you
  • Any specials today?
    • Know the details of what promotions and sales are currently going on so you can inform your customers when they come in--check the "What's Happening" daily

Fun and Memorable


  • Be Friendly
    • Have fun with your customer get to know them and who or why they are shopping. Some of our best customers are returning customers because of the relationship and impression you leave on them
  • Be enthusiastic
    • When you're excited about your job and having fun it's contagious to peers and customers
  • Be aware of your surroundings
    • Customers can be intimidated when employees are grouped together talking spread out

Exceed their Expectations


  • Surprise and Delight
    • Open the door for the Mom with the stroller or the elderly couple
    • Walk the shopping bag around the counter
    • Offer free gift wrapping with their purchase
    • Offer to check the back for different colors or styles
    • Offer to check other stores for items they are looking for
    • Save them a trip to the post office by offering to ship their package (shipping fees apply)
    • Offer to put heavy large bags behind the register while they shop in our store
    • Offer complimentary Pandora cleaning
    • Offer restyling of jewelry pieces
    • Offer a store tour

What makes OCCASIONALLY YOURS different from your ordinary retailer is that we LOVE going above and beyond for our customer! No matter what it takes to make their day special!

Customer First


  • Always put the customer as your FIRST priority when you welcome them and staying active with them and finish with a friendly good bye when they leave
  • Never interrupt an associate when they are working with a customer. If you absolutely have to be respectful and apologize for the interruption. Likewise when you are at the register and you may have to answer the phone, simply say, "Do you mid if I answer this quickly?" This shows you respect your customer as well as the one alling


  • Customer Capture is a very important part of putting the customer first. This is when you can initiate the benefits of being on our private customer list to be better informed of our sales, promotions, events, and personal thank you letters
  • NOTHING is more important than our customers! Stop tasks when approaching a customer and engaging with a customer. This creates a welcoming environment for the customers

Match the OY Experience

  • Exceed their Expectations
    Surprise and Delight: Walk Shopping back AROUND the counter
  • Welcoming
    SMILE while offering the customer a warm and friendly greeting
  • Fun and Memorable
    Get EXCITED about what you are doing and have fun while making the customers day
  • Customer First
    Drop all tasks when a customer comes in and give the customer ALL the attention
  • Experts
    Know your products and be confident sharing the features and benfits

Section 3-OY Customer Service 101



Your greeting should be short and sweet within the first 15-30 seconds of their arrival but welcoming and chipper always combined with a smile.

“Hello, welcome to Occasionally Yours!”

Opening Line


Then you have your Opening Line

Try to keep your opening line non-business related so you make the customer feel more comfortable and you can start to build a relationship that isn’t based off of business from the get go. 

Do not say “How may I help you today” or “Is there something I can help you find” –these phrases are tired and overused with most stores, we want you to establish a more personable connection.

Introduce Yourself


This is when you can introduce yourself to the customer so you can better assist them. “Hi, my name is _______, who (or what) are we shopping for today?” This is another special touch that sets our store apart and gives the customer a more personal experience, like a personal shopper almost.

Always use OPEN ENDED questions when talking with your guest

Getting to know your guests


Once you have evaluated what the customer is looking for then you want to get their name. This is not the easiest, but it still needs to be done. You will know when the time is right, maybe it’s when you introduce yourself or maybe it’s in your opening line.Whenever it is it’s important to have so again you can create a more sincere connection. 

Don’t be robotic, mix it up and use your personality to do what fits best for you. This is also when it’s important to know the product (ALL that training does pay off)you will be a better associate if you can evaluate the customer’s needs and send them home with that item and other items you recommended! Going back to be an active listener be observant, if your customer throws her glasses in her purse recommend a glasses case. If she pulls out a plastic bags of cards recommend a wallet or zip ID to hold those items. The list goes on but the more you listen and observe your customer the easier and better the experience will be for both for you!



If your customer isn’t responsive or wants to be left alone, that’s fine. You still need to check up and make sure they are still finding everything okay. Not everyone wants help right off the bat but maybe after they wonder around and can’t find what they need they will be more receptive of your help. Keeping looking at the body language, does she look like she’s in hurry or looking for a specific item? You can miss sales from a revisit, so be attentive to all your guests. Also, if the customer has a lot in their hands ask to put it behind the counter for them while they shop.




This is when you are coming to cash wrap and getting ready to close the sale.This is where you ask for their last name (you should already be calling them by their first name) to check the customer list. If they are not on encourage them to be added.Make sure when you ring all items are properly tagged and any sale items come up with the discount and are stamped FINAL SALE. Always package items neatly in shopping bag and do not forget to offer OY Gift Wrapping!

Rank the OY Customer Service steps in the correct order

  • Greeting
  • Opening Line
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Getting to know your guest
  • Revisit
  • Close

What is the best question to ask a customer?

  • Nothing
  • Open Ended
  • Closed Ended
  • Can I help you?

Do we stop tasking when customers come in?

  • When a customer walks in the store we stop our task and quickly approach the customer
  • If told to work on a task from a manager and a customer walks in we continue our task
  • Chores are more important than customers
  • When customers are not in the store we are busy tasking
  • We have personal conversations when customers are in the store grouped together

Good Customer Service


Good customer service is what sets Occasionally Yours aside from other retails and especially online. In this day and age customers can purchase goods almost anywhere, even at home in their PJs. When customers walk through your doors it is an opportunity to remind them how great it is to shop IN STORES and what experience they are truly receiving by having a personal shopper that is willing to go above and beyond for them and help them find the BEST gifts! 

What type of customer service are you going to give today?