Time Management Processes in Project Management

Welcome to Time Management Processes in Project Management. This is an online course for only people who have computers, laptops, ipads, smartphones and have reliable internet connections. 

LO: Illustrate and implement time efficient work plans for quality project deliverables.

When compiling time efficient work plan, how many phases to be followed in time management process?

A project/event has boundaries and its scope is defined. There are distinct start and end dates for projects. Each project team member is expected to know the roles and when the end of the project has been reached.

There are obstacles during the process of putting together a project / event, for example, time management. This structure below looks at time management processes:-

  1. Define Deliverables Work Breakdown Structure
  2. Sequence activities
  3. Estimated time in hours to produce deliverables
  4. Develop Schedule
  5. Managing a schedule

How to avoid time interruptions – a person must know to say “No.” We have to focus on quality, delivery, and follow-through. In order to achieve the planned tasks and unforeseen tasks and without interruptions. There are cases whereby a person can attend a necessary interruption but it is fine to say no to social chats like WhatsApp. These kinds of chats can easily shift one’s focus and cause a huge delay on a certain task.

Project/event Owner/Sponsor: The project owner or sponsor is a director or higher-level member of the department who is the largest stakeholder in the project or who will receive the greatest benefit by the project’s successful completion. The project owner being the reason for this particular event will appoint a project manager to manage and control the project. The project owner is responsible for championing the project, ƒMaintaining sufficient involvement with the project to ensure that the desired outcome is attained. ƒ Providing or negotiating support when the project manager is unable to resolve problems at a lower level and the project manager has put together a sub team that includes a project coordinator.


 “Time-Consumers” -  a project is facing a critical phase of missing a deadline due to a Project Coordinator who failed to confirm time of the meeting with sponsor because he/she was busy chatting on WhatsApp. Candidates are required to think and share possible solutions to avoid time-consumers. 

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