Mediusflow XI Training

Mediusflow XI Training

Mediusflow XI Training Videos

Invoice Application

Working in MediusFlow XI

The video below is a training video to familiarize you with working in MediusFlow XI. It covers:

  • General workflow - How documents move through MediusFlow.
  • Approval/authorization limits & escalation of expense invoices.
  • Coding - How to code expense invoices.
  • Manual routing - How to send a document to another user manually.

User administration

User Administration

When creating or configuring a user in MediusFlow XI it is done through an Administration page called "User".  

In the video below, you will be introduced to the User page and the configuration options that exist within it. The configurations are broken down into tabs, the main tabs are:

  • General - Where information about the user can be added or viewed.
  • Enterprise - 
    • Where a supervisor can be added for the user.
    • "Temporary delegation" of documents can be configured.
    • Authorization groups can be added to a user to give them permission to code and/or authorize on specific coding dimension and set authorization limits.
  • Authentication - Where a user can be assigned methods to log in.
  • Notifications - Where the frequency and types of email alerts for each user can be configured.
  • Role - Roles define what a user can see and do in MediusFlow XI, assign them to users here.
  • Password - Configure user login options and credentials
  • Advanced Search - Activate e-mail notifications based on search results

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to set up your users in MediusFlow XI.

Advanced Search

Reports in MediusFlow XI

Reports are constructed using the Advanced Search tool. This tool can be used to show all documents, users, roles etc. meeting the conditions that you specify. The results can then be filtered & sorted in the application or exported to Excel.


Dashboards and Gadgets

Can be configured in MediusFlow XI to display  useful metrics at-a-glance. Watch the video below to learn about the types of gadgets and how to configure them.