MediusFlow Admin Training

This course covers the administration side of MediusFlow XI including how to work with users and roles.

Before working through this course, it is advised that you first complete the User Training course.

This section teaches you about users and roles in MediusFlow XI. After completing this section, you should be familiar with performing administration of users in the application.

User administration


Introduction to Business Rules, which can be used to change default configurations in MediusFlow XI e.g. automatic distribution priority. This is an advanced topic and the rules should not be changed without first discussing with a MediusFlow consultant.

Business Rules basics


This section covers the configuration required to use Microsoft AD FS with MediusFlow XI. Contained within is a PDF guide to get started and a video (optional) for added depth.

AD FS Configuration Guide (PDF)

AD FS Configuration Video (optional)


ADFS Is Configured?

  • Yes
  • No