VO4 - The Cyprexx Web Portal (Vendor Dashboard)

This course introduces the Cyprexx Web Portal a.k.a. 'Vendor Dashboard' and its functionality, including:

The Cyprexx Web Portal (Vendor Dashboard)

1. Introduction

Much like a dashboard in a motor vehicle, the Vendor Dashboard allows you to perform important functions related to Cyprexx. Some examples include:

  • Access a specific property record/file
  • View assigned work assignments
  • Upload photos
  • Submit a bid to Cyprexx
  • Report a completed assignment
  • Submit an electronic invoice
  • Access your schedule for recurring maintenance
  • Access important messages & vendor communications
  • Access reference materials (Help Resources)

2. How to Access Your Vendor Dashboard

To access your vendor dashboard:

1) Go to www.cyprexx.com.

2) Click the Red 'Log-In' button (shown below).



3) Enter your Cyprexx username (this is typically the email address that we have on file for you).

4) Enter your password.

(If you don't know your password, you can click on the 'Forgot Password' link and  you will receive instructions for resetting your password.)

3. Vendor Dashboard: The Layout

The Vendor Dashboard is organized using two rows of tabs, the Primary tabs and the Secondary tabs. Both rows of tabs are highlighted below in Green.




3a. Overview of the Primary Tabs


Your dashboard is organized using two sets of tabs. Click the PLAY button below for an overview of the Primary tabs.




3b. Overview of the Secondary Tabs

Click the PLAY button below for an overview of the Secondary tabs.




3c. Navigating Your Dashboard: Uploading Photos, Entering Completions, & Submitting Invoices*

Click the PLAY button below to learn how to:

  • Access a property record
  • Complete and submit required checklists
  • Upload photos
  • Report the completion of an assignment
  • Submit an invoice


4. Help Resources

You can find useful information under your 'My Resources' tab. Select 'Help resources' to access reference materials that you can refer to any time.


5. We're Here for You


If you should need assistance with navigating your vendor dashboard, you may reach one of our I.T. Help Desk associates by calling (866) 516-6348 Ext. 4444 or send an email to VendorSupport@Cyprexx.com.

6. Match each dashboard tab to the correct description.

  • My Resources
    Access to help resources and reference materials
  • Messages
    Access to important process and procedure updates
  • Task List
    List of property tasks currently assigned to you (listed by department)
  • Search
    Search for a particular property record
  • Jobs Ready for Invoicing
    List of jobs that have been completed, reviewed, and are ready to be invoiced
  • Assigned Users
    Access to contact information for area Cyprexx coordinators

7. Congratulations! You have reached the end of this course.




Follow these steps to ensure your results are saved and submitted:

1) Go to the Home screen by clicking on the 'Home' button (example shown below).




2) Be sure you click the 'Submit Results' button (example shown below). 





3) If prompted again, please confirm that you are ready to submit your results by clicking 'OK, submit results' (example shown below).