Activating Client Memberships-Access to Vendor Registration

How to activate memberships

Admin Access

Advanced Search for Pending New Members

How to add clients to vendor registration?

In order to add clients to vendor registration you must first have administrative access to do so. If you do not have administrative access and you have not been assigned to this task chances are you will not be given the access necessary to complete this process. Ask your immediate supervisor who does have authority to enter the admin area of the members area and email or message them regarding the client you are concerned about.

Those with the proper access.

Click the contacts tab on the top navigation bar, then click Advanced Search. I have added criteria to the advanced search. On the left column make sure, "Is Pending New" is selected then click Search. If there are any clients who have registered click on their name, click membership, and then click  the edit button on the left (NOT THE EDIT BUTTON TO THE FAR RIGHT UNDER THE MEMBERSHIP TAB), and then set their renewal date 3 months in the future, so for example, if they registered on the 10th and you go in on the 13th then their renewal date should be set for the 19th of february if you were activating today. Once you have entered the renewal date the screen will end up back to  the member screen where you can now Click Approve to activate their membership. And that is it. The following video will walk you through this in a live format. Ask your immediate supervise any questions you may have about activating client memberships for Vendor Registration.

Activating Members Video

Advanced Searches

Once a client registers for the free membership Notarology staff still must verify the client and then activate their 3 month membership. For instance if they register on 11-18-2017, then their renewal date must be set at 2-17-2018. OK so let's watch the video.