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Bük is situated in the northern part of Vas County in the micro-region of the Upper Répce River. This area, stretching along the river and located at the meeting point of the Kisalföld region and the foot of the Alps.

Bükfürdő is located 30 km from Szombathely, 46 km from Sopron and 20 km from Kőszeg, on the half way between Vienna and Lake Balaton. 

It is easily accessible:

  1.  by car on highway route 84. 

  2. The town of Bük is reachable by train on the Vienna-Sopron railway line. 

  3. Bükfürdő has a bus station receiving overland buses as well.

How much are the distances

Vienna: 115 km 

 Bratislava: 131 km 

Graz: 149 km 

Budapest: 230 km 

Praha: 456 km 

Krakow: 595 km

Veszprem: 112 km 

Information about Bük city

The history of the town

Some good potentials for the people living there since the earlier times are:

  • the mild subalpine climate with moderate humidity and a pleasant mean annual temperature
  • the high number of water streams, with lots of fresh drinking water
  • convenient transport routes on their banks like the roads leading to one of the Roman's most renowned pathways, the Amber Route. 
  • Some of the conquering Hungarians also chose this spot to settle in the early 10th century.

 From among the noblemen serving in the castle of Sopron, the Büki Family was one of the most well-known one, they are thought to have given the name of the town. 

  • The first church was built in the 12th century on the site of today's Catholic Church.
  •  From the 15th century onwards, there were three Büks existing concurrently: Lower, Middle and Upper Bük. 
  • These three communities got united in 1902 as Bük
  • In 2007 the village was given a town status.

Crystal Tower

Allowing 120 people at any age and adventure seekers together with family and friends, Crzstal Towel presents a:

  •  three-story tower with more than a kilometre long course
  • giant swing and the close to 200-meter Flying Foxis.
  •  team building and leadership skills adventure trainings
  •  low-and high-rope garden elements are added

Educational Path along the River Répce in Bük

  • The creator of the interactive exhibition was Balázs Keszei
  • The educational path can be visited by anyone interested in the wildlife of the River Répce.
  •  Balázs Keszei focused on the flora of the area, while Dr József Gyurácz introduces the fauna of the region. 
  • The educational path symbolises the winding of the River Répce and the area’s uneven surface
  • Informations can be found on six interactive boards set up along the road. 

Educational Path along the River Répce in Bük

Flora & fauna of the moor- and marshland

The most characteristic treeless habitats along the River Répce are mainly moor- and marshlands. 

  • Their flora and fauna are determined by the presence of water.
  • Water rich in oxygen though the marshland is deoxygenated and has stagnant waters.
  • In the summer the subsoil starts to sink
  • A lot kind of animals can be found like birds, toads, hedgedogs, otters, fishes

Flora & fauna of the groves

  • Soft and hard wood groves 
  • The most significant soft wood groves with willows and poplars follow the two banks of the River Répce in two narrow strips. 
  • The most typical tree is the White Willow, Black Alder and some smaller groups of Poplars 
  •  old Elm-trees, Ashes and Oak-trees can also be found 

Flora & fauna of rivers, ditches, lakes, river banks and shores

  • The river Répce takes its source in Austria on the southern slopes of Bucklige Welt
  • Right-bank tributaries are the streams Boldogasszony, Ablánc, Fenyves, Köris and Pereszteg.
  • On the left the streams Pós, Metőc and Kócsod flow into the River Répce.
  • fishing lakes, quarries, garden lakes and lakes on golf-links. 
  • little reeds and larger sedgy areas can be found

Flora & fauna of the villages

  •  little villages along the River Répce.
  • They be characterised by the typical structure their cultural heritage and the lifestyle
  • Gardens, orchards, berry- and vineyards provide living conditions 
  •  The agricultural, commercial and industrial facilities and the towns  belong to this type of natural environment.

House Koczán

  • It is the home of the late Ferenc Koczán since 2009 
  • is the last traditional, adobe house in the area. 
  • It contains of 6 rooms, two bedrooms, one kitchen, a lobby, one bathroom and one chamber.
  • The house got a new renovation but with the look of the original one 
  • In the backyard a lot of plants has been planted to remind of old time
  • It became the home of civil communities for different programs and events

Kneipp park Bükfürdő

  • Is one of Bükfürdős Tourism Organization’s latest project
  • It has a 510 metres long path built of various materials. 
  • It got established by Sebastian Kneipp due to him suffering for tuberculosis and finding the right methods to cure his illness.
  • It offers phzsical and spiritual refresh
  • It provides natural massage by walking on different sized stones, gravel, tree barks and woodchips
  • There is a outdoor yoga park for those who want to relax 
  • Children can play at the natural labyrinth.
  • There is a great variety of different types of herbs

Organic Point

Organic Point is

  • Special place for relaxation in four suspended wire-balls, designed by local artist Csaba Nagy and located in the Kneipp® and Nordic Walking Park in Bükfürdő.
  •  It is made of metal elements and is meant to be in harmony with nature, water and its surrounding.
  • The work is reminded us of a metal structure that looks like a network of tangled vines or twigs, which serves as frame for various climbing plants to grow and cover the structure eventually.

Unique playground

Bükfürdő’s newest playground, equipped with state-of-the-art toys and available to visitors free of charge, has opened recently. 

  • A slide castle with a maze
  • spring riders
  • rope nets
  • sandpits
  • baby swings
  • climbing walls and other exciting

Farmers market

In Farmers market local products by the local producers can be found like local honey, home made jams, cheese and meat dishes along with local wines where someone can buy and taste.

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