Basics Steps of Project Management

This course is to remind Project Managers the basics of Project Management which often get lost along the way. This will blow your mind away. 

Criteria to use when selecting suitable Resources for the Project

Selection of suitable resources

Often a time projects collapse because they are handled by wrong people and there are insufficient tools to complete the project and below some of the factors are discussed.

  • Dragging people into a project they do not believe in will not provide good results. The people participating in the project have to have an absolute buy in and be fully committed to the execution of the plan and be worried if the project fails.
  • People who are way too busy with other work shouldn’t be forced to partake in more projects as this will divert their attention and they will not give their best to it.
  • We also do not need people who have no expertise or technical know-how to be even close to the project because while they use this project as a learning curve they will be also dragging it down.
  • People that have past bad experiences on similar projects can also drag the project down as they come with the failure mentality.
  • Time is also a huge factor when it comes to Projects, the project life span needs to be over a reasonable period of time as projects compressed over a very short period of time do not often succeed.
  • A project needs to be adequately funded, the costing has to accommodate unforeseen eventualities and has to be extremely flexible.
  • Feasibility studies need to be done before a project can even be drawn and a plan is made and  this already requires a lot of research, one needs to know upfront what the logistics of the projects will be and in that period of research also discover which  people are required and for how long.

Lastly, working with friends on a project will not always yield favorable results. Besides friends compromising the discipline to get the project done timeously, they might also just join the project without possessing the necessary skills. That is always bad for a project.

Which of these people are best to work with on a project

  • People who do not believe in the project
  • People without any expertise
  • People who are committed and have the time to partake in the project
  • People that have bad past experience with a similar project