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Risk is of paramount importance to DAS UK. Everyone has the responsibility to identify, evaluate, manage and report all risk for improved business decision making.

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Introduction to legal expenses insurance




What country did legal expenses insurance originate from?

  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Holland

How many countries does DAS operate in? (please select all options)

  • 19
  • 20
  • 18
  • 21


We're DAS!



DAS UK Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Enterprise Risk Management Framework

DAS UK Enterprise Risk Management Framework

All regulated financial institutions must have an Enterprise Risk Management Framework. We can demonstrate that we have a structured process to manage our risks in line with business goals and regulatory expectations.

DAS UK ERMF explained:

Risk Culture:

is the system of values and behaviour that influence day to day activities.

Risk strategy:

Sets out objectives for management of key risks associated with delivery of the business strategy. It encompasses risk type specific objectives as well as required enhancements to the ERMF.

Risk appetite:

Framework providing qualitative and quantitative statements, measures, limits and triggers to manage risk within defined parameters.

Policy Framework:

Policies drive the direction of internal control by defining minimum standards within which the business must operate within.

Which of the following is not an official component of DAS UK ERMF?

  • Risk Code of Conduct
  • Risk Appetite
  • Communication Compliance Reporting
  • Risk Steering

Reporting A Risk Event

Identiying a Risk Event

DAS UK Risk Events

At DAS UK, we report 5 different types of risk events.

Reporting Risk Events via CORE


Once you have logged onto CORE, you will reach the CORE DASHBOARD - see below image.


Select the appropriate option for your Risk Event.


Once you have logged a Risk Event on CORE, the Risk Department notified automatically.


If risk event cover s multiple options, log risk event once only.

Which is the right Risk Event option when you see someone stealing a computer monitor?